2023 PRESIDENCY: Only Eagles Can Tell The Silent Whispers Of The Cloud

Amidst the thickening political airspace enroute 2023 presidency and the attendant pervading but unsurprising silence at the official residence of Aso Rock’s chief tenant, eagle-eyed men schooled in interpreting hidden details are at the verge of subjecting the silhouette of Aso Rock’s next occupant to a last phase of complete decryption.

Infact, as the nimbostratus begins to fade away, naysayers may now bother less about the services of a Nostradamus or rationalists of deductive reasoning to help connect-the-dots on the road to 2023.

Signs show that the foggy weather which hitherto ate up the fascinating skylines of Aso Rock in a bid to deny Nigeria and Nigerians conscientious leadership, after President Buhari may have gallantly bowed out next year, is systematically being dislodged.

Nigerians may as well soon heave a sigh of relief to witness the unveiling of a beautiful bride on a pedestal.

From time past, the walls of the precinct of Nigeria’s seat of power have been known to have ears. And as we also know, it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaketh. Thus, it goes without saying that the incisive and insightful words of some eminent Nigerians — who are known faces around the corridors of power — cannot be recieved with kid gloves.

They are not your everyday men; these men undoubtedly wield the magic wand of political power within their own rights.

Also, they are men who strongly believe that the missing link to a better Nigeria is simply the absence of trust in leadership. And their fingers appear to point southwards towards a recurring denominator.

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Now, hear some of them:

1) “We don’t give title because you have money. We give title considering your sacrifices and impact on people’s lives, and impact on community and the nation at large.” — HRH Dr. Faruk Umar Faruk, CON (Emir of Daura, 2022)

2) “President Buhari loves Amaechi like a son, he trust him absolutely which is why in spite of all opposition, many attempts to put Amaechi in bad light, he twice selected him to lead his campaign and also as the Minister of Transportation.

“Amaechi’s key leadership quality is his sense of inclusion, he likes to bring everyone on board, he loves teamwork, he empowers people to put in their best, he doesn’t pretend to know it all or try to do everything.

“He is one of the few politicians from the Niger Delta that is Pan Nigeria.

“I think in the history of Nigeria there hasn’t been any Minister of Transportation that has being able to achieve the landmark Amaechi has achieved in a very difficult circumstances.

“I am confident that if and when Nigeria is looking for a leader that will take us to a higher level, you will be up there on the frontline among those that will be counted.” — H.E Nasir El-Rufai (Governor, Kaduna State, 2020)

3) “President Buhari believes his investments in the development of Rivers State, and current efforts in building infrastructure across the country will always be remembered by posterity, urging him to stay focused on the larger picture of working to improve lives.The President also extols Amaechi for his willingness to make sacrifices and support the governing party, APC, recalling, with appreciation, the major role he played in the 2015 and 2019 presidential elections, and his continuous contributions to promote peace and unity of purpose.

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“President Buhari prays that the almighty God will position the Director General of his Presidential Campaigns for greater glory, and grant him more opportunities to serve the country and humanity.” — Mallam Garba Shehu (Senior Special Assistant to the President, 2020)

4) “It is just about a Community that has learned to show appreciation to a man who has done them good, a man who has served this nation so well, very diligently and producing outstanding results both as a minister and Director-General of President Buhari two successful campaigns. A man who they so trusted and have decided to turbane him with such a very prestigious title as their ‘Dan Amanar’.

“Honestly, Amaechi truly deserves the title and I think we should see it that way, on its merit and not otherwise.” — Sen. Silas Zwingina (Dep. Senate Majority Leader, 2022)

Could all these “wise men from the North” be following the southward-leading stars in search and discovery of our own starboy, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi?

Like John the Baptist, whose loud but lone cries heralded the coming of the Messiah, the cries of these powerful men from the Northern oligarchy will stir a tsunamic movement in the coming weeks.

The event of last Saturday signposts that the fertile seed planted in the plantation settlement of Umordu in Ubima some 57 years ago has blossomed into a giant Oak tree, under whose branches men and women across ethnic, religious, political and social divides now gather for shelter. Her whispering leaves conveyed shock sensations in wave-like disturbances to the creeks of Abalama but reverberated in loud decibels across the ancient town of Daura over the weekend.

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It is stark irony that the man whose political destiny was nearly sacrificed on the altar of political treachery some 15 years ago — the infamous “Rivers State get K-leg” saga — is now in the spotlight, as a harbinger of hope for a better Nigeria. Amaechi is very competent, oozes trust and guards his integrity jealousy. He’s indeed a rare breed of Nigerian politician whose ambition is driven by the collective yearnings of the masses unlike his rivals — merchants of mendaciloquence.

Being a man who has used infrastructural development and patriotism to shorten the distance between the Northern and Southern parts of Nigeria, CRA, as he is fondly called, is not tied by the apron strings of diversity in tongue, religion or social class.

To the West, he is ROTIMI while to the East, he is CHIBUIKE. Up North, he is the DAN AMANAR whilst to his Southern folks, he remains their BOY ETEY NWO-NSIRIM.

Although nobody can boast of knowing what tomorrow holds — AMAECHI — but what is crystal clear is the fact that the generality of Nigerians are encouraged that God is the only source of his Strength — CHIBUIKE!

Mr. Sunny Andy Dimkpa is a public affairs analyst.

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