2023: Rivers APC Cabal Exposed.

The Revelation of the Downfall of APC Rivers State

2023: Rivers APC Cabal Exposed.

To Rivers APC Faithful.

This is about exactly what transpired at the meeting held at the Abuja Residence of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, on Friday, 22nd of April, 2022.

My source of information pleaded anonymity, having been part of the meeting but has not been able to sleep as his conscience is beating him seriously for 2 nights now.

I will now go on to relate the much he could remember that is important for us all to see clearly the persons we refer to as leaders/elders of our party, whom we all believe are fighting for the good of all in the party.

1. Chief Emeka Beke said, “CRA has asked us to do him a favor and take off the responsibility of picking Tonye Cole for the gubernatorial candidate because he (CRA) is running election and does not want it to be from him.”

2. Hon. Azubuike Wanjoku said, “Oga wants Tonye Cole and we have to oblige him as our leader and benefactor.”

3. Ikenga Chibuike said, “We will just tell our people that all 2019 candidates will run again in 2023.”

4. Hon Udi Udom said, “It will not be easy to sell Tonye Cole to Rivers people.”

5. Hon Asita Honourable Asita said “Oga will be the next president of Nigeria, even if we fail in Rivers State with Tonye Cole, Oga will be owing us if we do him this favor and you know what that means for all of us.”

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6. Hon Victor Giadom “I support we give Oga his choice.”

These were the major talks in that meeting.

The following are the concerns thereof:

1. These are leaders of APC in Rivers State that have gained so much individually but never won any elections for their wards or Rivers State for President Mohammed Buhari in 2015 and 2019. The records are there to show this fact.

2. These leaders/elders did Amaechi’s bidding with the sole mindset of losing the 2023 Rivers elections with Tonye Cole as a candidate.

3. So the gathering of these people in the name of Rivers APC elders/leaders is all about Mr. President owing them, that is if CRA even wins the Presidency. As a minister it is so difficult to see him, now imagine when he becomes the president in the Nigeria we know.

4. The over 110 persons and families that lost their lives in this APC struggle all died in vain, they died for the pockets of these so-called leaders as they feed fat on their blood. God will surely ask their blood back from their hands.

5. I see people write ‘party is Supreme’ on social media following this unfortunate meeting. I ask, are these people the “party” we toil and make sacrifices for, on a daily basis that is supreme?

6. Following the abysmal performance of the current Rivers governor, the APC can easily take over power, with about 4 popular aspirants, yet it is a Lagos-based business partner of Amaechi that these so-called leaders/elders have helped CRA to endorse.


7. Think of it, how do these leaders/elders intend to win 2023 elections in the Rivers State we know with a very weak, unlikeable, and unpopular candidate like Tonye Cole who has been tested in 2019 and found to be very stingy and not the billionaire picture CRA painted to the party faithful. Except they have perfected how to rig the elections and of course to rig, you need the people, who are ready to die for you. I don’t see any of these so-called leaders doing so.

8. It was this same imposition of Pastor Arc. Tonye Cole that made Rivers APC not to have a candidate in any elective position in 2019. CRA again is leading APC through that same route for 2023 and expects a different result. This move is deliberate to the detriment of the average Rivers APC faithful.

9. CRA is showing blatant disregard for the directive of Mr. President who at the last APC NEC meeting asked the party to field popular candidates for 2023. Is this loyalty to Mr. President? A question CRA and those leaders traveling on this route with him must answer.

10. It is glaring that there is nothing to die for in Rivers APC and these so-called leaders are bloodsuckers. For another 8years the APC faithful will continue to suffer.

Enough of the toying with our lives in Rivers APC.

I speak the truth that will set us free.

I am Reginald Nwaeke

APC party faithful from Omuma LGA, Rivers State.

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