A Guide to Scholarships in Canada for International Students | What You Must Know

Are you an international student searching for scholarships in Canada? Then you need to go through this piece of write up to know what essentially you need to know before beginning your journey for a scholarship search.

However, note that scholarship funding for international students who wish to study in Canada is limited, very competitive, and available most often than not at the postgraduate level. It is hoped that this Guide to Scholarships in Canada for International Students will help you navigate the perceived complex nature of searching and securing scholarships in Canada.

Let’s begin by saying that scholarships are one of the ways that international students can use to fund their educational pursuits in Canada. As you may be aware, scholarships are non-payable monetary awards generally allocated to students with excellent academic achievements, though some also recognize volunteer and work experience.

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Types of Scholarships in Canada

There are several types of scholarship offers in Canada for international postgraduate and undergraduate students to take advantage of, they include:

  • University scholarships: Most of the universities in Canada offer one or several forms of scholarships to international students. What one needs to do is to seek out such universities, look out for their eligibility requirements and apply if eligible. So your preferred institution of choice should be the first place to look out for in terms of scholarship offers.
  • Country-based scholarships: These scholarships are most at times targeted at some selected countries. For instance, there may be scholarship offering to students who are from low-income countries or developing countries. As an international student, you may look out for such offers that your country has been listed as one of the eligible countries.
  • Government-funded scholarships: The Canadian government is known to offer several scholarship opportunities to international students wishing to study in their country. All you need to do is to ensure that your educational credentials are good enough to afford you the scholarships.
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What You Must Know Before Applying for Scholarships in Canada

There are several things to note before applying for scholarships in Canada as an international student. They include:

#1. Plan and Prepare Ahead:

Many educational consultants will advise that an applicant must plan and prepare ahead for scholarship opportunities. Many at times, students rush to engage in scholarship applications without planning adequately for it. One of the main reasons why students fail to get Canadian scholarships or other scholarships is their inadequate preparation for such opportunity. It is on record that students who are able to secure a scholarship are those who started the process of planning and preparation early. Before you apply for a scholarship in Canada or any other country, you must prepare well ahead of time. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents ready.

#2. Research Other Scholarship Sources:

It is not advisable to only bank on a single scholarship sponsor when applying for scholarships to fund your educational pursuits. Ensure that you explore all the available options and take your chance. Learn about scholarships administered by private foundations, corporate bodies, Canadian government and not-for-profit organizations.

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#3. Learn the Scholarship Requirements:

As an international student, it is very important to know the scholarship requirements before venturing to begin the application process. As stated earlier, in your planning and preparation period, get to know the scholarship requirements to enable you prepare those documents down. Learn about the scholarship deadline and work towards beating the deadline. Don’t spend your time applying for scholarships that you are not eligible for, because it reduces your probability of winning that scholarship award.

#4. Keep to Application Instructions:

When applying for a scholarship in Canada, ensure that you follow the laid down application procedures. Follow the required application submission format, save your documents in the appropriate document format and proper file name. Ensure that your documents are clearly scanned with all edges showing, avoid unnecessary document editing as this may discredit the authenticity of your documents. If you are being instructed to apply on an online platform, do as instructed and don’t choose to send in your application otherwise.

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#5. Drafting A Statement of Purpose:

This is a chance to tell the story of your educational pursuit in purely professional manner. It should serve as a medium that communicates your personality, attitude and character to the admissions committee. Ensure that you highlight why you should be granted a scholarship and why you deserve to be a part of the institution of higher learning. It is an effective tool for graduate students who are sourcing for scholarships and should be well utilized.

As you embark on your journey for a scholarship opportunity in Canada, keep in mind that you may be faced with some application hurdles, but don’t be discouraged. Keep searching and be hopeful that you will get your scholarship and you will be happy you did.

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Scholarships you may like to Apply:

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University of New Heaven Presidential Scholarships for International Students

Shell Career Training Program in Reservoir Engineering

Tiger Brands Young Talent Opportunities for Young South Africans

International Excellence Scholarship at London Metropolitan University, UK

Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program at Yale University

Burger King Mclamore Foundation Scholarship 2022/2023

Hertie School New Perspectives Scholarship for International Students

2022 Davenport University Scholarships for International Students

WAEL Oil and Gas Recruitment for Graduates and Experienced Professionals

Arco Marine and Oilfield Services Limited (AMOSL) Graduate Opportunities

UNSW Global Academic Award to Study in Australia 2022

2022/2023 Marian University International Scholarships for Study in USA

Postdoctoral Fellowship on Food Security and the Environment at Stanford University


DAAD In-Country/In-Region Programme Sub-Saharan Africa (Masters and PhD Studies) 2022 Scholarship.

Mercedes-Benz South Africa Graduate Development Programme 2022 (Paid Traineeship)

University of Toronto Fung Yiu King Memorial Scholarship

University of Copenhagen PhD Positions 2021-2022 [Paid Positions]

British Council International Collaboration Grants 2021 (£3.5m Support Grant)

Mastercard Data and Services Internship Program for Africans 2021/2022

Imperial College Business School Global Leadership Scholarship (Full Tuition Fee)

Tuition Scholarships for International Students at University of Lethbridge

Apply for Chevron Global Human Resources Internship

Apply For 2022 Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships.

United World 2021/2022 Scholarships to Study in United States .

Scholarships 2022/23 for Low Income Country Students to Study in UK.

UNESCO International Centre for Biotechnology (UNECO ICB) 2021/2022 Scholarship Award

Association of Commonwealth Universities Gender Grants 2021
Swinburne University of Technology Scholarships for International Students
Kansas State University Future Student Scholarships and Awards 2022-23
Montana State University (MSU) Presidential Scholarship in USA (Fully funded)


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A Guide to Scholarships in Canada for International Students | What You Must Know

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