Abandoned Rivers Aircraft: Please tell us something important – Ezems tells Wike

Hon. Barr ezemonye ezekiel-amadi esq, the
Immediate past Commissioner of Lands & Survey, Rivers State says Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State will never stop to amuse people with his voracious appetite for tantrums and his avowed mission to always malign and sully the reputation of his former Principal, Rt.Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

He said, Wike’s recent accusation that Ameachi abandoned a Rivers State aircraft in Germany is to say the least, diversionary and as usual, intended to hoodwink and mislead Rivers people who have been victims of his seven years of _cut-and-join_ administration hinged on 90% impulse and 8% planning and deeply rooted in political chicanery and lack of vision.

Talking of abandonment, shouldn’t Governor Wike at this time be telling Rivers people about the hundreds of Rivers State students Amaechi sent to various Universities in the Americas, Europe and Asia on scholarship but abandoned by Wike? Is the Rivers State aircraft more important than the world-class Maxillofacial and Dental Hospital built by Amaechi but abandoned by Wike? Rather than tell us about a State aircraft abandoned in Germany, should Governor Wike not be discussing the huge loss that Rivers State suffered by his abandonment of the Banana and Fish Farms established by Amaechi? What benefit does or will the common Rivers person derive from a State Government aircraft that will embolden Governor Wike not to talk about the Model Health Centres and Schools built and fully equipped by Amaechi that he – Wike – has abandoned to rot away in many nooks and crannies of the State? What value does a State Government owned aircraft add to the imperative for human capital development in Rivers State that will make any discerning Rivers man or woman bother about a certain Rivers aircraft abandoned in Germany? He said.

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At this critical period when the average Rivers indigene and resident is battling with the menace of soot and its attendant health hazards; struggling to put some food on the table and managing to stay safe, all that the Governor can offer, is to embark on some pedestrian politicking just because Amaechi’s stock is about to bubble in far away Daura and he – Wike – must burst those bubbles!? Otherwise, what socio-economic development does the aircraft whether in Germany or Ubima offer Rivers State? Pray, what common good is derivable from that aircraft whether abandoned or not?

Civil Servants have been abandoned and denied promotions; Pensioners have been abandoned without their pensions; Commissioners and other political Appointees have been abandoned while Governor Wike unilaterally micro-manages the entire apparatus of Government as political alpha and omega. Lecturers – and by extension, their dependents – of the Ken Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic ordered by Court to be reinstated are abandoned by Governor Wike. So also abandoned, are some Permanent Secretaries [and their dependents] that he unlawfully disengaged and whom the Court ordered to be reinstated. These ABANDONMENTS mean nothing to Governor Wike. The only abandonment that is hurting him is the purported abandonment of a Rivers State Government aircraft in Germany!
How on earth did we get here _sef_ ? What really and actually did we do to God, to deserve this King Saul kind-of-treatment?

Why will Governor Wike not stop trivializing governance and playing politics with every issue? Must everything in Rivers State start and end with politics?

The men and women in the hinterlands of Rivers State, have no business with Rivers State aircraft. It will not add any survival value to them and so they are not interested in hearing whether it has been abandoned or not. Governor Wike should please tell us something important!


ezemonye ezekiel-amadi esq.
Immediate past Commissioner of Lands & Survey, Rivers State.

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