Alerting On Abubarkar Atiku’s Defiance Of North/South Rotational Presidency By Chief O.J. Akiri


We deem it patriotically imperative to alert the entire country on the exceptional times ahead of us, as the world watches and scrutinizes the defining moments of our road map in the onward march towards a landmark democratic regime change in 2023.

All hands must therefore be on deck to resist any unconscionable road blocks or discernibly selfish posturings, that may tend to trivialize the very notion of our UNITY and collective will to survive as ONE indivisible and sovereign nation.

We have for too long been derided and reduced to a scornful laughing butt by all comers, who in secret are quick to point at the alluring but deceptive attractivity of Nigeria’s flowery potentials as a great nation, but deplore its persistent lack-luster performance on the scale of glowing indices of palpable developmental strides.


We thank God that as at today, the narrative has of necessity changed, as we are now on a thrilling new page of record-breaking achievements:

Nigeria’s rail system is today second to none in Africa, and we are yet not completely done with the sector. Bravo Bihari!

.Not too long ago, in this country’s political history, we just managed to forestall the embarrassing fiasco of a constitutional regime stand-still, as our then President Umaru Yaradua, presumably “forgot” to officially transmit to Dr Good luck Jonathan, the legal instruments for an effective Acting President, when he was constrained to proceed overseas on health grounds.


In reality, the Country’s Constitution did not precisely envisage such an oversight. The Senate under the Presidency of Senator David Mark, was unavoidably constrained to take recourse to the famous Doctrine of Necessity, through which the legal lacuna was remedied for the unfettered functionality of Dr Jonathan as the
Acting President.

That simply tells us that like every product of human endeavour, the Constitution cannot be a “Mr Know all”, and so be construed as infinitely flawless like “Mama put’s food is ready”.
Dependable grape vine sources have it that in the ensuing Federal Executive Council meeting, the Acting President went straight to sit on the President’s “throne”, and not too long thereafter proceeded to effect a symbolic and assertive cabinet re-shuffle.

My dear compatriots, a sort of unprecedented unanimity has just taken place in our dear Country’s Political realm.

ALL the Southern States of the Country without exception, have unreservedly resolved to uphold the Rotational NORTH/SOUTH Power shift alternation agenda.
Our write-up is essentially triggered by fear of the unpredictable backlash that may ensue following Abubarkar Atiku’s defiance of this popularly agreed modality for orderly turn-by-turn Power shift. I read a comment by a citizen of this country, which goes thus: “Atiku might as well become the President of his Adamawa Republic, if he disobeys the North / South Power alternation arrangement”.


That seemingly innocuous statement is laden with profound meaning. There may be no referable Constitutional provision to this popular arrangement, but the Grund Norm has impliedly done so in the concept of Federal Character. Otherwise, Atiku Abubarkar might as well have easily chosen a Running mate from his native Adamawa State or nearby Yobe State, instead of wooing Governor Nyesom Wike to run with him like we recently read he has been doing.

What will be the reaction of the South in its geo-political diversity to such a defiance? There is this adage that you dare not touch the Tiger’s tail even when it is certifiably pronounced dead.

Nigeria does not deserve any destabilisation or violent protest, remotely traceable to Atiku, whether directly or indirectly. Remember the Arab spring riots that dismantled the Middle East. What about the fear of contagion amidst the sweeping hurricane of Coups sweeping across the West African Sub- region eg the coups in Burkina Faso, Mali or the suppressed attempt in Guinea Bissau.

Nigeria has done so much for Alhaji Atiku Abubarkar. He has been the Vice-President of this great country of approximately 200 Million inhabitants, for 8 unbroken years. And Atiku’s first son Adamu Atiku is today a serving Commissioner in Adamawa State. A peaceful Nigeria will survive Atiku, Kwankwaso and all of us. Who knows if Adamu Atiku may become our President tomorrow.

Let Atiku please encourage his Party to go to the South East and choose a Presidential candidate. We must be seen to encourage unifying and genuinely integrative forces in our Multi ethnic and Multi-lingual country. . Let us strive to practically demonsttrste ONENESS and palpable egalitarianism vis-vis the illustrious kinsmen of the GREAT ZIK of Africa.

May Atiku’s search for a Southern Running mate seize henceforth, in consonance with the prevalent Conventional understanding, that the Rotational Power Shift Pendulum should swing Southwards, and particularly towards the IGBO-States of the South East and the IGBO ensembles in Rivers-Ikwerre IGBOS and Delta IKA IGBOS.

Therein lies the irreproachable JUSTICE of the LIVING GOD, ALLAH, DIEU TOUT PUISSANT, CHINEKE ETC.

What will be the reaction of the Geo-political South in its diversity, to such defiance of a conventional understanding of POWER-SHIFT arrangement?

Chief O.J. Akiri is a Stalwart of the APC in Ahoada East LGA.

He was Former Principal Secretary Rivers State Govt House and Former Director General Rivers State Ministry of Information.
Chief Akiri was also a Lecturer of Scientific French at then Rivers State University of Science and Technology Now Rivers State University.


Alerting On Abubarkar Atiku’s Defiance Of North/South Rotational Presidency By Chief O.J. Akiri

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