The All Progressives Congress (APC) Ward Secretaries’ Forum, Rivers State, described the arrest of Hon. FUBARA Ohaka as anti-human, non-governmental practice and Poverty of Leadership exhibited by Gov. Ezenwo Wike led PDP government. Hence, Gov. Wike is Manifestly characterising reincarnated version of King Nebuchadnezzar.

Recall that Gov. Wike ordered Security operatives to arrest Hon. Fubara Ohaka, via a politically motivated allegations of his involvement in Illegal Refining Business inside the forest of Ibaa Community. Resulting from above, Hon. Fubara Ohaka headed for legal remedy in the Federal High Court of Nigeria, Port Harcourt Judicial Division, therein, the court under his lordship Hon. Justice S. Dalyop Pam granted an order for the parties to maintain Status quo pending the determination of the Matter.

Amidst above, it beats our imagination and all Sense of human logic, that a Governor that should maintain normalcy, upholding the Rule of Law, now degenerated into rascality in Administration, disobeyed Court order with impunity and arrested Hon. Fubara Ohaka

Gov. Wike’s predative tendencies have defined Judicial Powers as Paper-Tigger and toothless bulldog, only sensitive to the opposition and dissenting opinions.

We, therefore, condemn with strongest possible terms the attacks on the opposition party members enchanted by Gov. Wike as a technique and Methodology to rig his puppet to Power. We furthermore, demand the release of Hon. Fubara Ohaka within 24hrs or face a mass action.

David Nelson-Ordu
Chairman, APC Ward Secretaries’ Forum, Rivers State.

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