“Government House security last night sealed and arrested customers and staff of Priscy’s Lounge at Elekahia.

The said Lounge is owned by Hon Jones Ogbonda, At Preray Hotel, Eagle Island owned by Ikechi Chinda, former PDP Chairman PH, guests were also arrested and the hotel sealed. Continue Reading 

The Petrol/Gas Station at Ojoto Street owned by Hon. Chinyere Igwe was also sealed. All 3 business owners are associates of Austin Opara.” (Thursday midnigh…)

IMPLICATION: Know the owner of the hotel you are patronizing in Rivers State before you become a thief.

Austin Opara was former Deputy Speaker,
Federal House of Representatives.

Wike had actually curried Opara’s unfliching loyalty, right from when the Governor promised Opara a Governorship ticket which later became a deceit.

The Obio-Akpor Governor also promised other major PDP Stalwarts same Governorship ticket.

He failed all of them and gave it to his first cousin, an EFCC big fish, Sim Ichendu Fubara, an Accountant, who cashed out 17billion naira across the counter in a single day for reasons yet to be unravelled.

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