Before You Criticise, Condem Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, Let Us Reason Together – Nwaonyeche ThankGod,

Before You Criticise, Condem Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, Let Us Reason Together


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Those who are frightened with the undisputable serial facts and figures with innate divine inspirational writings of Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze have resorted to unwarranted antagonism on the personality of Chief Eze without analytical acknowledgement of the realities he puts in place with the sincere aim of setting the past, present and ‘projectically’ set the futuristic records straight.

Although, I am not surprised with their antagonistic resolution because no good moral person would expect good from dogged sons and daughters of hate, anger and bigotry.

Since creative writing goes with inspiration and full commitment, I urge you to match Chief Eze with positive creative impact mitigation instead of playing part of the last kick of a dead horse which is too outdated to fit in the trends of the 21st Century.

Essentially, you should note that Chief Eze C. Eze is not a mere chief considering his state of origin and their cultural value on chieftaincy. As a reputable chief, he has maintained a high standard of being decisive on his position without bowing to pressures.

Professionally, Chief Eze is a journalist. He is not an ordinary one rather, an informed creative one who practices investigative journalism coupled with his daily encounters.

In furtherance, for Chief Eze to have been considered as the National Publicity Secretary of the defunct new People’s Democratic Party, nPDP at a time when the political atmosphere of Nigeria was in its climax implies that he is ‘highly exceptional’. Maintaining unimaginable consistency in unique writing and publications seven years down the line describes him a ‘guru’.

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Succinctly, most of you who comment out of context display your ignoramus acumen on the content thereby expose your information deformity. While some who are aquatinted with the facts are pained with the raw exposition of truth beyond the confine of a certain class.

Informatively, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze has been constructively monitored for years through his compositions and publications and he is morphologically, syntactically, and semantically certified by an unbiased youth Sociopolitical organization: MOVEMENT FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE IN NIGERIA -MGGN. This however, earned him unsolicited viral publications of all his compositions.

Advisedly, before engaging yourself with Chief Eze’s piece, clear your mind of hate, anger, bigotry, and ethnocentrism or tribalism. Again, keep a multi-definition English Dictionary closer to you, have a functioning pen and an exercise book for unclear, unfamiliar points raised and consult
Google and your information ancestors before commenting to save yourself from ridiculous exposition.

*National President*
MOVEMENT FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE IN NIGERIA -MGGN and can be reached through 08069020527

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