Finally, the smile will return to the faces of the good people of Ukwa as Hon. Uzoma Nkem Abonta attracts NDDC to commence construction work from Obehie in Ukwa-West to Akwete in Ukwa-East local government areas of Abia State. The Federal lawmaker has been identified severally as a silent achiever following his very quiet dispositions, even while he pulls giant strings without noise making.

Recall, Hon. Abonta came under heavy attack by constituents while condemning the act of erecting structures that hampered construction work on a section of the Obehie-Azumini road. Whereas the phrase “you can’t eat your cake and have it” was misconstrued and quoted out of context, he, Hon. Uzoma Nkem Abonta has decided to bake a new cake for the good people of Ukwa land.

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) is set to commence work in the coming week simultaneously from Obehie and Akwete and will join up, this project is also expected to be concluded in about 4-5months time.

The NDDC is constructing a 6m wide single carriage with one lane drainage to eliminate the stress and also dangers experienced on that section of the Obehie-Azumini road.

The people of Ukwa have looked forward to the end of this nightmare despite getting the necessary approval from the commission and all concerned quarters, today that prayers have come to manifestation. To God be the glory.

In the same spirit, it is also very important to break the good news that the lingering blackout in Ndoki land will soon be a thing of the past. An illustrious son of Ndoki from Akwete has taken up the burden to restore electricity to Ndoki. The Akwete-born billionaire and philanthropist have attracted so much goodwill for her people despite not being a politician and having no intention either. For him, putting a smile on the face of his people without asking for any favor in return is the true essence of a philanthropist. This source, a very close ally of Hon. Uzoma Abonta is committed to bringing the lingering blackout to an end in the nearest coming days. These men are silent achievers and may God bless them richly.

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Once again Ndoki will smile again. He has done it before, if given the chance he will do more.

Thanks once again, Hon. Uzoma Nkem Abonta (The Silent Achiever) for your very silent, yet very loud giant stride in Ukwa land.

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