Current Vacancies at Première Urgence Internationale (PUI)


Première Urgence Internationale (PUI) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit, nonpolitical and nonreligious international aid organization. Our teams are committed to supporting civilians’ victims of marginalization and exclusion, or hit by natural disasters, wars and economic collapses, by answering their fundamental needs. Our aim is to provide emergency relief to uprooted people in order to help them recover their dignity and regain selfsufficiency.

The PUI Nigerian Mission has been officially opened in April 2016, with a focus on meeting urgent needs, including improving access to food commodities, primary health care and nutrition for Internally Displaced People (IDP) and host communities (HC) living in Maiduguri Metropolitan Council (MMC). The progressive sectorial widening allowed PUI to start implementing an integrated approach from 2017 in food security, livelihoods, and nutrition and health sectors, with the support of ECHO, FFP, OFDA and CIAA/CDC, in line with PUI’s global strategy. In mid2018, PUI developed its comprehensive response by adding Protection and Community Outreach (PCO) activities to the existing programs in Bolori II. In 2018, PUI also scaled up its intervention with the opening of Monguno LGA base, with the main objectives of reducing morbidity and mortality of the most vulnerable population and promoting protection amongst the whole affected community.

The severity of the needs and the reduction of the humanitarian access make PUI positioning in Health and Nutrition crucial, especially in Monguno where PUI has taken over some core activities from ALIMA at the beginning of 2021, after they closed their program there. At the end of 2020, PUI launched an exploratory mission, along with INGO colleagues in Zamfara State (North West), and has developed a strategy for its upcoming intervention in the area.


We are recruiting to fill the positions below:



Job Title: Logistics Intern


Location: Abuja
Contract Start Date: ASAP

General Objectives

  • The Logistics Intern  Supports the Logistics team in activities linked to the day to day management of Fleets, procurements, equipment, store and premises while supervising the cleaners and the Drivers and reporting according to PUI standards and procedures in order to have the Abuja office in optimal running conditions.
  • He/She works under direct supervision of the Logistics Officer.

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • In collaboration with Logistics officer and the procurement team, the logistics intern will support in streamline the procurement & delivery process.
  •  Assist in the receipt of procurement requests, clarification of requests as needed, and completion of purchase orders.
  • Support in organizing the procurement process.
  • Support in seeking products that offer good value for money and negotiating the best prices
  • Assist in following up on order processing to ensure timely delivery is made.
  • Assist the Logistics Officer in controlling the quality and quantity of all supplies ordered and delivered.
  • Support to ensure good relationships are established with local suppliers
  • Respect PUI procedures in all procurement activities.
  • Assist in the preservation of a proper paper trail and the filing of all procurement documents.
  • Support in facilitating proper tracking of all supplies received and ensuring related documents (delivery notes, waybills) are properly filed and copies forwarded to the Procurement Officer.
  • Support in updating the price list on monthly base
  • Support in the archiving of procurement files and contracts are in compliance with PUI procedures


  • Assist the Logistics officer to ensure that the administrative documents for all vehicles are available, filed and monitored.
  • Support in organizing the schedule of vehicle movements and drivers at Abuja office level.
  • Assist the Logistics Officer to report all cars incidents and prepare the reports.
  • Support in the llocation of vehicles to the staff during the working hours
  • Assist in updating the daily movement board (Airport dropoffs/pickups and movement within/outside the town)
  • Support to maintain data and update records of all vehicles
  • Fill the vehicle card of pointing on a daily basis
  • Support to repare duty roaster for the drivers


  • Assist in the organization and supervision of cleaning (and, if necessary, regular disinfection) of premises and storage areas.
  • Support to ensure the staff collective space is in good working condition (tidiness, water, equipment functioning…)
  • Support to ensure the timely repair of whatever is needed in the Abuja office and guesthouse
  • Assist to ensure that all documentation for bills such as electricity, DSTV, etc. is compiled and shared with the logistics officer and submitted to procurement for payment.


  • Assist in codifying all PUI equipment according to PUI procedures.
  • Suppot to locate every equipment and check the availability of the equipment on a regular basis in all designated places.
  • Support on a regular basis check that all equipment are working properly (water dispenser, gas cooker, printer, scanner, micro vave, refrigerators…)
  • Inform the line manager in case of equipment dysfunction.
  • Support to update the inventory list and the Abuja asset register.
  • Assist to Issuance of laptops and phones to new arrivals on the mission.
  • Support to supervise the loading and unloading of goods/materials

Store Management:

  • Support to manage and organize the reception, storage, and dispatch of all supplies at the store.
  • Assist to ensure all requests for stock are sent and delivered to the requesters in a timely manner.
  • Support to monitor the quality of products at the time of reception, in coordination with the supplychain team
  • Assist to regularly monitor the quality of products during storage. Pay special attention to expiration dates (if applicable).
  • Assist with monthly rolling stock takes and the annual stock take, reconciling inventory records with physical counts and sharing the monthly report with the logistic officer.
  • Issues all the required office items to staff.

IT / Communication:

  • Support in ensuring daily monitoring of all internet modems and equipment to ensure they are operational and charged.
  • Assist to communicates maintenance needs of all IT equipment (computers, printers, e.t.c), to the IT Officer.
  • Support in ensuring that all staff receieve their monthly airtime both for personal line and CUGs.

Documentation and Reporting:

  • Give daily report to the Logistics Officer about the progress of the logistics activities
  • Support in archiving and centralizing logistics files related to his domain
  • The tasks and responsibilities defined in this job description are nonexhaustive and can evolve depending on the project’s needs.

Priorities of the Department:

  • Fleet management optimization
  • Archiving procedures improvement
  • Motor pool management

Mandatory Requirements 
Education Degree:

  • Higher Diploma or Graduate in a related field.

Work experience:

  • Not applicable

Language skills:

  • Fluent In English

Technical skills:

  • Ability to work on multiple tasks, receptive and quick to understand

Computer skills:

  • Good knowledge of the MS office software including Word, Outlook and Excel.


  • Interests: Commitment to the NGO values and principles

Transversal skills

  • Ability to be multitasking and willing to extend his/her scope of work
  • Able to take initiative to deal with difficulties encountered in daily work
  • Independent worker, team player.
  • Good management of time and of priorities
  • Rigour, honesty and reliability

Application Closing Date
6th March, 2022.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online




Job Title: Human Resources Officer

Location: Monguno, Borno

General Objectives

  • The Human Resources Officer is responsible for assisting the Base Admin Manager in the Human Resources tasks, including administrative duties for National and International staff, recruitment and evaluation participation for national staff, follow up of contracts, filing/archiving, etc;
  • S/he will work with the Base Admin Manager to ensure the Human Resources management of Monguno Base Office, in compliance with PUI and donors procedures and National and local regulations.

Responsibilities and Tasks
HR / Administration follow-up:

  • Supervision of staff in Monguno base.
  • Supervision of public holidays management & keeping informed all staff in the base.
  • Control & checking attendance sheet of staff and arrangement of monthly report for salary distribution.
  • Ensure the compliance of National staff contract procedure as detailed in PUI Internal Staff Regulation.
  • To ensure the administrative management of national staff, in particular, payroll operations, monitoring absences, the construction, updating and archiving of personnel files.
  • To follow all bills and changes associated with employment law, employment in general, and staff training.
  • Update and follow up of new Admin /HR formats.
  • Management and follow up of International staff issue in coordination with his/her supervisor.
  • Follow up of staff Appraisal forms
  • Ensure all new staff have ID cards.
  • To train the admin staff on the HR component
  • To follow probation period deadlines and make sure all employees are evaluated before the end of their probation period.
  • To follow the contract drafting and signing as well as contract dates, renewal and termination of all staff. Tracks and update the various line Managers on probation dates and end of contracts.
  • To ensure that the base organizational chart is coherent and conform to PUI classification grid and salary scale.
  • To implement ISR  and ensure adherence to the other PUI policies including PUI Code of Conduct, PSEA, CP, AFC and organize discussion sessions on this policies to all staff. To provide information to all employees regarding the same at all times.
  • To stimulate internal communications and anticipate risks associated with Base HR.
  • To assist the HR Manager/Admin Manager during meetings with personnel representatives and with other NGOs.


  • Assist in the Preparation of vacancy announcements for National staff in PUI Monguno base.
  • Assist the line manager in receiving all applicants’ Cvs, draft candidates’ list, conduct interviews to recruit in required positions and file all applicants’ CVs & Documents in specific binders.
  • To supervise the recruitment process with the different heads of departments, and ensure strict compliance to PUI recruitment procedures.
  • Draft employment contract for National staff and collect all information required for contract. (ID card, photos, identification information, reference, credentials, etc.)
  • To organize the induction training of all new staff and make sure they receive all necessary information and tools and signed copies.


  • Gather all necessary information from employees in the base and update  in the HR Database/payroll.
  • Check and control all staff grade, salary & position to be in accordance with PUI salary grid and internal process.
  • To prepare payslips based on the HR Data at the end of each month and ensure it is signed by each employee;
  • To ensure documents regarding legal contributions to national schemes are regularly archived.

General Administration & daily HR management:

  • To file and archive the general administration documents (renting contracts, MoUs, etc.)
  • To confirm employees attendance at the office through the proper keeping of attendance tracking forms;
  • To file leave requests of all employees (paid leaves, sick leaves, circumstance leaves, maternal/paternal leaves)  and help the supervisor to draw up an annual leaves plan according to personnel requests
  • To perform all necessary tasks related to the general administration of PUI Monguno office.
  • Prepare documents for payment for Social Security and income tax.
  • To follow probation period deadlines and make sure all employees are evaluated before the end of their probation period.
  • To ensure a good communication, coordination and information level within the team through regular Base coordination meetings, formal reporting (or other if needed).
  • To initiate and maintain a dialogue with all relevant local and national authorities regarding all HR related subjects and legislations.
  • Be attentive for any risk or abuse of power (whether this is between local employees, or between an expatriate and local employees or any other type of abuse of power) and report any inappropriate behavior to the Field Coordinator.


  • Ensure a proper filing system of all PUI staff documents in the base.
  • Ensure that all HR files from the base are properly collected and reported to Coordination office.
  • To ensure the physical and electronic archival of HR files as per the archiving process at the mission level, as well as securing administrative documents
  • Ensure that all HR files at th base with sensitive level are reported to Coordination Office
  • Prepare the HR files for audit and verification visits;
  • Archive training certificates in HR files as per the archiving process;


  • Training of new staff for HR/Administration positions in bases.
  • Organize Workshops to improve the base Human Resource knowledge of the PUI Administrative   System.
  • Brief Training for all new Staff on PUI HR policies and PUI Code of Conduct.
  • To solve team conflicts, if any, and ensure team building
  • To support the admin staff in improving their performances
  • To solve team conflicts, if any, and ensure team building.
  • To implement and follow up internal safety and security rules/protocols for her/his team and transmits all safety and security information to his/her supervisor
  • To report to his/her line manager problems and/or concerns on technical issues.
  • Support in identifying training needs and work to organize or plan trainings

Priorities of the Department

  • Support in the implementation of the ISR and guidelines.
  • Support in the improvement of capacity building on the mission.
  • Monitors the good application of the ISR and guidelines
  • Ensures that all administrative personnel files and employees’ documents are in accordance with working for PUI in the country and donors requirements.

Mandatory Requirements
Education Degree:

  • University Degree in Human Resourcesor Administration Management, Public Administration or related fields.

Work experience:

  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in a similar position (NGOs/private companies) is a strong asset.

Language skills:

  • Fluent in English and Hausa; (Kanuri is an asset)

Knowledge and skills:

  • Good analytical and writing skills. Good management capacities and team leadership spirit.

Computer skills:

  • Good knowledge of the MS office software including Word, Outlook. Excellent in Excel.


  • Good skills in reports and contracts redaction
  • Good knowledge of institutional donor (ECHO, UN agencies, etc.) procedures and financial guidelines
  • Knowledge of humanitarian actors
  • Good management and pedagogical skills
  • Excellent communication and diplomacy skills to manage relationship in potentially tense situations
  • Assets
  • Interests
  • Strong motivation to help people in need
  • Understanding of the political situation in the area

Transversal skills:

  • Conflict resolution and diplomacy experience.
  • Able to analyze and suggest improvement.
  • Able to take initiative to deal with difficulties encountered in daily work.
  • Able to adapt or change priorities according to the changing situation within the base or the organization itself.
  • Autonomous, neutral, hard working.
  • Able to manage stress and pressure.

Application Closing Date
10th March, 2022 (12:00pm).

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online




Job Title: Deputy Health Program Manager

Location: Monguno, Borno
Contract Start Date: ASAP
Initial Contract Duration: 3 months (with possible extension)

General Objective

  • Under the supervision of the Health Project Manager (PM), the Health Deputy Project Manager (DPM) shall ensure the overall support and direct supervision of the teams working in PUI facilities and enrolled in PUI health project Monguno.
  • S/he should assist the health PM in planning, organizing, implementing and monitoring of agreed health activities and planned capacity building.

Responsibilities and Tasks
Activities Implementation:

  • Support in the good implementation and monitoring of the health projects in collaboration with the Health Project Manager
  • Ensure that agreed activities and procedures are regularly and timely performed by Health teams
  • Participate actively in the supervision of health activities through checklists, observations, and reports to the Health Program Manager
  • Supervise monthly planning and action plan within the Health facilities
  • Ensure that the team is following up proper medical protocols, and applying them according to international and national recommendations and guidelines
  • Ensure the rational use of medicines and the proper administration of treatments in step with national international protocols.
  • Collaborate with other departments (MHPSS, Nutrition, Protection, and Food Security) as needed to ensure smooth implementation and integration of services
  • Ensure that members of the teams and daily paid workers as the case may be, are provided with safety gear adapted to their activities (for example PEP kits [post-exposure treatment kits], gloves).
  • Ensure that beneficiaries and local populations understand the project objectives and participate actively in their implementation.
  • Assist the Health Project Manager in the development of new interventions and/or adjustment of current interventions.

Team Management:

  • Manage the supervisors/team leader with effective guidance and adequate support
  • Ensure the implementation of good team management practices with supervisors/team leader
  • Follow up on staff schedules, annual leave and attendance sheets in accordance with HR procedures
  • Manage the recruitment of new staff in collaboration with supervisors and Health Program Manager
  • Draw up Job descriptions as needed, in collaboration with the Health Program Manager
  • Participate in the regular evaluation of team medical and non-medical staff in collaboration with HPMAssess training needs, develop training plans, facilitate and perform training for medical and nonmedical staff, and follow up the impact after training
  • Ensure that the Health team is respecting PUI rules and inform the Health Project Manager of any disrespect of the rules
  • Ensure the security rules in the field are respected, the safety of the field officers is guaranteed and the regular communication with the security focal person is maintained

Monitoring, Follow-Up & Reporting:

  • Supervise data collection on all medical and non-medical activities
  • Analyse epidemiological indicators and ensure that they are followed properly
  • Participate in the budget follow-up with the Health Project Manager and make sure budget lines are spent properly
  • Draft the internal and external reports to Health PM or/and the Medical Coordinator or other PMs
  • Report to the Health Project Manager any problem in the projects, especially any gap/loss/robbery/damage of medical equipment or drugs or any patient and organizational issue
  • Provide essential preventative assistance services and follow up on identified beneficiaries with NCDs and other diseases/morbidities of Public Health relevance

Logistics & Administrative Support:

  • Ensure proper needs analysis from the projects, addressing both medical (pharmaceuticals, consumables, and equipment) and non-medical requirements
  • Support logistics and pharmacy department by analysing supplier bids with highly technical specifications
  • Communicate to logistics for fleet needs, logistical components of the projects (delivery, distribution, onsite storage)
  • Ensure appropriate supply plan, with central pharmacy, on weekly/monthly base principle for the facility
  • Ensure, in coordination with the logistics and pharmacy department, appropriate storage of medications, medical consumables, equipment, and medical waste.
  • Ensure that HR documents (attendance sheet, leave request, etc) are communicated to the HR Manager on time, with validation of Health Project Manager
  • Ensure the archiving the documents, tools and training materials in the context of project/s and ensures the availability of the verification sources mentioned in the proposals.

Internal and External Representation:

  • Participate in meetings, strategy workshops, training and other, as required.
  • Participate in any other activities such as surveys, assessments, among others.
  • In coordination with the Health Project Manager, conduct health assessments related to other sectors (psychological support, prevalence of water-borne diseases, sexual and reproductive health, etc.).
  • Participate actively in the preparation and the smooth organization of the visit from Donors
  • Represent the organization before local actors involved in the implementation of the medical program, and contribute to good relations within project partners (consistent with the principles of neutrality and independence of PUI)

The tasks and responsibilities defined in this job description are non-exhaustive and can evolve depending on the project’s needs.

Priorities of the Department

  • Ensure the quality of care provided to patients in PUI health facility
  • Ensure SGBV activities are established at all the health facilities as planned
  • Assessment on beneficiaries at risk and diagnosed individuals with communicable and non-Communicable diseases, other diseases of public health relevant and treat him.
  • Build the capacity of the health team on thematic related to health
  • Provide frequent feedback on health – illness patterns observed in the facility that require further assessment
  • Report to line manager periodically regarding context changes that affect the modality of intervention.

Mandatory Requirements
Education Qualification:

  • Medical Doctor from a recognized University who holds a valid practising license. Degree in Public Health will be an added advantage.
  • A Master’s degree in Public Health will be an added advantage.

Work Experience:

  • At least 2 years of experience in Clinical Management and staff supervision
  • Health Experience in running Primary Care Program especially with NGO/INGO.

Language Skills:

  • Fluent in English and Hausa; good knowledge in Kanuri is an asset.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Good knowledge of Public Health
  • Ability to manage a fair workload including emergencies
  • Knowledge of medical ethics.

Computer Skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of the MS office software including Word, Excel, Outlook.


  • Good reporting skills.


  • Interests: Working in humanitarian relief
  • Knowledge of PUI programming in Monguno will be an added advantage.

Transversals Skills:

  • Excellent communication, conflict solving and diplomacy skills to manage relationship in potentially tense situations
  • Strong motivation to help people in need
  • Ability to make decisions and to exercise authority when required
  • Understanding of the political situation in the area
  • Ability to analyze and suggest improvements of the activities
  • Ability to adapt or change priorities according to the changing situation within a mission or the organization itself
  • Well organized and hard worker
  • Able to manage stress and pressure
  • Able to check validity of information, logical thinking
  • Neutrality
  • Team Management
  • Good communication skills
  • Reliability.

Application Closing Date
10th March, 2022.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online

Note: Nigeria Nationals Only (Male/Female).

Important Notes

  • The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work to be performed by people assigned to it.
  • They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel so classified.
  • All personnel may be required to perform other responsibilities in addition to those specified from time to time, as needed.
  • We do not charge any application, processing, training, interviewing, testing or other fee in connection with the application or recruitment process. Should you receive a solicitation for the payment of a fee, please disregard it.
  • Furthermore, please note that emblems, logos, names and addresses are easily copied and reproduced. Therefore, you are advised to apply particular care when submitting personal information on the web.
  • We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity inclusion. We do not discriminate on grounds of colour, race, nationality, religion, age, ethnic origin, disability, gender, marital status, or sexual orientation in our employment practices
  • Our people are all equally gifted in unique ways: we come from diverse traditions, personal experiences and points of view. And we want to include yours, Are you ready to inspire us with your ideas?
  • We encourage all applicants to apply and does not practice any discrimination in any recruitment process.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Due to the urgency of the position, we have the right to recruit a candidate who matches the required profile before the above deadline
  • Only qualified candidates will be invited for interview

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Current Vacancies at Première Urgence Internationale (PUI)

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