Did Osinachi’s Corpse Sing ‘Ekwueme’ At Night?, This Is What National Hospital Has To Say

Did Osinachi’s Corpse Sing ‘Ekwueme’ At Night?, This Is What National Hospital Has To Say

On Monday, the National Hospital in the Federal Capital Territory responded to a story that claimed the late gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu’s body was singing her hit song “Ekwueme” while in the morgue.

In response to the reports, the hospital’s spokeswoman, Dr Taiwo Haastrup, stated that there is no proof that the late singer’s body sings in the mortuary.

When speaking to media, Haastrup stated that a body at the morgue cannot be singing.

Another Source Reveals How Osinachi Died, Police Arrests Her Husband
Before she died as a consequence of alleged domestic violence by her husband, Peter Nwachukwu, Osinachi was a chorister at the Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

After that, the gospel singer’s body was sent to the National Hospital morgue.

There had been reports that the mortuary attendants claimed that Osinachi’s corpse was singing ‘Ekwueme’, in the middle of the night.

Haastrup while reacting to the claim said, “Medically, there is nothing like that; it’s just an imagination of people. Somebody that is dead and is a corpse, how would such a person be singing in the night?

“There is no medical backup to that; it’s an imagination that may be due to the church she attended while alive, and the songs may just be giving people ideas, but there is no proof in any way. It just can’t be proven in any way.

“Somebody that is dead is dead and has become a corpse; it’s inside a morgue, it can’t sing and can’t move so it’s an imagination of people.”

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Speaking on the autopsy report, Hasstrup said: “It’s a coroner case, and it’s confidential; we can’t reveal anything there. The IPO in charge will give it to the IGP, who will turn it to the court.

“The result has been submitted all the same, and our people did it confidentially.”

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