Etche APC Carpets Ogbonna Nwuke, Says they Remain Largely Loyal To The Ideals Of Apc Under Rotimi Amaechi.


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We woke up in the morning of Monday 20th September, 2021 and saw a publication of Chief Hon Ogbonna Nwuke resigning his position as the All Progressives Congress (APC) Spokesperson. By that publication, he stated that the reasons that actuated his decision were private and also on the other hand hinted that he intended to pursue other courses of great interest.

We also have the privilege of listening to his audio tape in which he expanded and thus expounded on his private reason to the height of clothing same with the garment of ethnic sentiment that is grossly painted with political colorations which directly and inextricable brought our Party APC and our Leader H.E RT Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi on the spot. The import of those statements animated this reaction.

As Leaders of Etche APC with great passion for the growth of our people and progress of our party, we have the consent and approval of APC caucus and leadership to respond to Chief Hon Ogbonna Nwuke’s publication 20th September 2021 and his audio tape in a manner here and or appearing:

1. Chief Hon Ogbonna Nwuke’s decision to resign from his position as the APC spokesperson in the state and consequently dump the party was purely personal as he never consulted the party hierarchy at the LGA level or at the state.

2. The Etche APC received this news of resignation of his position as the Spokesperson of APC at the state level with shock and consequential defection with disappointment.

3. We the APC Leaders and critical Stake holders in Etche disassociate ourselves completely from such an arm- chair and puerile decision and further firmly resolved as follows;

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A. That our loyalty to the Party the APC at all levels of influence and authority remains unshaken. And our usual solidarity, support and loyalty to our ultimate leader and the leader of our Party at the state and South- South, His Excellency , Rt Hon Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi , the superlatively performing Minister of Transportation is reaffirmed, rest assured, secured and intact. It cannot be diluted despite the personal decision Chief Hon Ogbonna Nwuke to throw in the towel.

B. The Etche APC and her leadership ably led by Dr. Reginald Ukwuoma have since moved on with their eyes steadily and stably on the ball. No distraction.

C. If now the reason behind Chief Hon Ogbonna Nwuke’s defection has suddenly transformed to crusade for Ethnic emancipation that reason is tendentiously tailored and craftily woven with deceit and we deprecate such in no ambiguous terms.

This is because here in Etche APC, we are, and he is aware, that we are at the threshold of realizing the Etche Political Agenda which is, among others, the occupation of a political elective position and or appointment into political office outside our statutory quota.

Chief Ogbonna Nwuke could not be taken serious when he said or quoted to have said” we were in the wilderness for the past six years except when one’s antics and self-centeredness banishes him to oblivion of clear thoughts, vision and objectivity, in that case one’s sight automatically becomes jaundice and incidentally parochial. At that state, one can be in an oasis of comfort but mistake himself to be in a dungeon or desert.

D. It is on record, a solid one at that, that our ultimate Leader did exceptionally well as the Governor of Rivers State and the impact of same in Etche in terms of infrastructure and Human Capital development were very huge and quite magnanimous. Chief Hon Ogbonna’s support to the system was also handsomely rewarded as he was one of the major beneficiaries of the then system in that he was appointed Director of Press, Commissioner for information, Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, National Assembly Member and subsequently nominated for the 2nd tenure by our ultimate Leader, aside contracts and other private privileges and patronages. Rt Hon Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi meant and still means well for Etche people.

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Extoling the projects of the present State Government in Etche by Chief Ogbonna Nwuke is not our concern but disguisedly presenting said I a manner that appears a comparison with that of Rt Hon Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi’s projects littered in all the nooks crannies in Etche is highly uncharitable, regrettable and indeed condemnable. For instance, in human capital development, Etche had plenty of local and international scholarships and manpower development and in infrastructure, we have litany of roads, both internal roads in Ozuzu and Mba Clans.

Three standard bridges. Model and modern health centers, model and modern primary schools. Model and modern secondary school of international standard, Electricity etc etc. Where can we start and where can we end.

E. In the presence of the foregoing, we have resolved to remain committed to the lofty goals of our party and the aspiration of our leader and we have implicit confidence in our leader and his good intentions and promise to Etche must certainly manifest.

F. It is our further resolve to jettison and condemn this historical near success syndrome. The APC leadership operates an egalitarian principle that galvanizes a movement for the realization of Etche agenda without projecting any particular person in advance as the beneficiary. Some leaders maybe uncomfortable with this approach but as a people, we have agreed that this is the only way to go. And we are unapologetic, no matter whose ego is bruised or toes stepped upon.

G. By our level of political awareness, we have the capacity, knowledge and hindsight to decipher, discern, descript and sift on the scale of rational reasoning, the actions and inactions of certain Political Actors as to ascertain or dictate a decoy, private motives or pursuits that suddenly translate into or become clothed with ethnic fabric when it fails just to attract public approbation. On this premise, we the APC within the confines of our progressive ideology, identify with genuine programs and project that will move Etche to the next positive level. And this can be achieved in APC.

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Now that it is clear that Chief Hon Ogbonna Nwuke has defected, we wish him well as he pursues his course of great interest with his New Development Partners (NDP). Finally, we the undersigned leaders reconfirm our loyalty and support to our ultimate leader, His Excellency, Rt Hon Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi and to our dear Party the All Progressives Congress (APC), for it is in our leader and our party the APC that there is light and in that light, the much longed and agitated political interest of Etche will be secured.

On this note therefore we the leaders and critical stake holders in APC are comfortable with what the future holds for Etche under APC and we resolved the pass a Vote of Confidence on our ultimate Leader His Excellency, Rt Hon Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi and our LGA APC Mega Leader and Chairman of Caucus Dr Reginald Ukwuoma for their exemplary and selfless leadership.


Etche APC Carpets Ogbonna Nwuke, Says they Remain Largely Loyal To The Ideals Of Apc Under Rotimi Amaechi.

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