By erudite scholar, Hon. Barr. Jerome Okere.

Indeed, it Will be incredibly unarguable for anyone not to be in consonance with this established fact. It shall amount to absurdity and obviously a full hardy for any same person(s) to contend that, in 2023; any ethnic group in the Rivers East Senatorial District should be in agitation for the Senatorial Seat other than, the Etche Nation.

This irrefutable and irreplaceable facts are that, our brothers -the Ikwerres and Okrika/Ogubolos have savoured in the said office, in quick succession for twenty four years, in the committee of Nations, where Etche Ethnic nationality is the second largest with abundant human and natural resources.

Given these premises and the inevitable conclusion by all reasonable elements and passers by, the majority members of the good people of the Etche Nation, have unanimously adopted a seasoned administrator, a philosopher king, Philanthropist per excellence and indisputable Etche’s Political First Son, Chief, Hon. Allwell Heacho Akodinaobi Azikiwe Onyesoh (JP).

This settlement for the leader of Etche Politics, irrespective of any political appendage is anchored on his historical antecedents of uplifting virtually all the political actors of Etche enclave. Chief Onyesoh had long designed a developmental road map for the actualization of this Senate for the people of our dear Nation.

I hold no reservations in genuinely calling on our brothers and sisters from other political parties, including the leading opposition party in the state, the All Progressives Congress, not to future any candidate for the Senatorial Seat in Rivers East Senatorial District, in the forth coming General Elections in 2023.

At this juncture, the good people of Etche Nation should endeavour to extricate and eschew their cognitive resonance and dwell more in gathering meaning proposals for a man whose love and commitment for his people are beyond human comprehension.

We should as a people, channel our responsibilities to the exposure of studying the exploits that are likely inherent from the office of the Red Chambers and ensure that, they are achievable through the son of the soil, for the overall interest of the Rivers East Senatorial District in general which our God created. I opine that, Chief Hon. Allwell Onyesoh, should be the sole senatorial candidate of all the political parties in Rivers East senatorial district, for the coming 2023 general elections.

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