How to know when a girl wants to go into prostitution

How to know when a girl wants to go into prostitution.

1. She starts posting teasing photos on social media. Her family members complain and she blocks them. This is when she gets her first set of clients.

2. Because the money is sweet and she wants more, she starts posting videos of her twerking on social media.

3. She’s always turning up on her social media. On her whatsApp and IG stories, she’s always doing “we outside” in different locations.

4. She posts couples that she doesn’t know either kissing or making out.

5. She celebrates her mentors who claim to be Nollywood actress.

6. She becomes defensive anytime and anywhere she sees people calling out prostitution.

7. She starts saving for yansh surgery. Yansh surgery is like the project topic of prostitutes. After a successful surgery, she has graduated.

8. She’ll either now add Actress, Instagram lifestyle influencer or video vixen as her cover up career.

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