(1) “Mumu at 60 Chief Eze, Your slave master Amaechi never resign or he has withdrawn?.

Are you trying to change the narrative changing?.

No more Forward with Courage ?.
What of the new amendment which now includes House of Assembly members as Statutory delegates to the Primary election?.Does it favour him?.

Una go put hand inside Python mouth.
Abeggi carry your grade one mumu comot for my space

(2) Chief Tony Okocha, it is sad by your text above that your mental condition is worsening immediately Dr. Green who have been treating you traveled to see his family though I have queried him why he left you in such a deplorable condition but don’t worry, I have contacted Prof Derick, a Mental Consultant based in USA to take over ur case and I am convinced that with him you will regain your sanity permanently.

On your stupid text above, it is a pity that the sad condition of your mental health couldn’t allow you to remember that the Amaechi under reference was the one that once picked you from the gutter, cleaned and made u the Chief of Staff to the detriment of better qualified Rivers sons with hope that your health challenge will improve but sadly he forgot that a pig will always be a pig and a dog will always go back to his vomit. Very unfortunate instead of your health improving it is deteriorating almost on daily basis since we left Government

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Permit me to educate you and those who are eager to know if Amaechi is resigning or not resigning though I expected you to know better that Amaechi has resigned as the Minister of Transportation to pursue his Presidential ambition.

Having said this and to you and few others his resignation marks his end in politics but permit me to educate you on who Amaechi is not minding that he is related to a fool and ingrate like you.

Follow me accordingly as I educate you – could you recall what happened when Amaechi wanted to be a member of Rivers State House of Assembly, was it easy for him of course no? Why because His brother, Barr Uche Okwukwu was declared winner and he has to resort to Court to reclaim his seat and thereafter became the youngest Speaker of a State House of Assembly in the annals of Nigeria politics.

When he was to vie for the office of Governor of Rivers State, was it easy for him? Do I have to also educate you on what happened of course the poor state of your mental health may not allow you to remember. He went on exile just because he wanted to be a Governor as his cousin, Sir. Celestine Omehia was asked to take over his office! He has to go thru hell to reclaim his office thru the Supreme Court.

As the Chairman of the Governor’s Forum, was it easy for him? Fools like you teamed up to tell Nigerians that 16 is superior to 19!! Did he come out of it unscathed of course yes.

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When he decided to install the next of President of Nigeria by 2015 was it easy for him of course no! Hell was opened on him. Did he succeed of course yes, today President Buhari is still the President of Nigeria. When in 2019 Amaechi was to be reappointed as the DG for Buhari Presidential Campaign Organisation, was it easy for him of course no, but due to your local mentality, you may not understand that Amaechi was frustrated but God who has being his Guide prevailed and he became the first person in the entire world to Head a Presidential Campaign Organisation on two occasions and won.

You know what you and your fellow fools did when he was to become a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, must I also reminds you of this?

When you and your fellow demented elements saw he has been ordained to become the next President, what did you people did, you went just because one person inserted an unconstitutional clause in the Electoral Act Section 84(12) and what happened he has resigned and instead of you fools to rejoice you guys are now mourning as the end of your fantasy is at hand.

Summarily, I encourage Nigerians to celebrate and be happy because what most of us see travails pertaining to Amaechi and the 2023 general election are those plots that will make him the next President of Nigeria.

May I use this forum to formally congratulate Amaechi for adding another great feather to his overcrowded cap.

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Finally, Okocha my brother, even as Dr. Green has traveled, do ur best to take your drugs as I know that dancing in the open market is hungering you. Just take your drugs and save us from further shame that you have brought to us your friends.

God bless you us all

I am still Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

The Chief Tormentor of the unprogressive elements,


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