It Goes Down When The Crew Connects: Tinubu’s Missionaries Activates 2 Step Verification Set For Mother Of All Evangelism – Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah

It Goes Down When The Crew Connects: Tinubu’s Missionaries Activates 2 Step Verification Set For Mother Of All Evangelism

How many months do we have left for Nigerians to elect President Buhari’s successor on February 18th 2023?

Precisely we have about 15 months and 5 days left for the ALMIGHTY 2023 presidential elections. So please pick up your calculator, pen and paper, whatever you can lay hands on and let us start the calculations.

This Sunday School session is not for the “PS 4” generation of dreamers that are still shouting youth …youth upadan , this is 4 “REALERS” and if you can hear me well we have just 15 months and 5 days left for the elections, this one no b RICE AND MOI MOI politics oh.

All these Indomie generations that would spend their valuable time sewing ASOEBI and jumping from one social dance to another, updating their social status with plenty of display pictures think the presidency is like a Student Union Government election that one person would just come and start shouting Aluta, then boom SUG PRESIDENT GO EMERGE. E can never happen.

There is a Sicilian Proverb that says “Who waits hoping in plans and dreams, loses time, and collects flies and troubles.”

The keyword there is wait…when others are strategising they are waiting and wailing on Whatsapp and Tik Tok hoping for the country to change to their taste and yet nothing they know or can do, they can’t even sacrifice the time they spend in pettiness for NATION BUILDING.

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So if we start calculating you would indeed see that there is no time in the hands of the stakeholders.

And if you observe carefully at the PDP’s last convention then you would agree with me that no single presidential aspirant from the South is likely to emerge from the PDP, the only likely aspirant, former President Goodluck Jonathan was nowhere near the venue of the convention.

Oga Goodluck disconnect wella from the crew.

On the other hand, the APC is gearing up for its national congress to elect its own National Chairman, this process would be completed in December.

Presently Tinubu’s group of volunteers that are active are well over 5000 groups. Their activities are everywhere in the social media space.

There is the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Support Group Germany, Tinubu Support Group, Tinubu Support Organisation, Tinubu Vanguard, Tinubu Mandate Movement, Tinubu TPN. Tinubu For New Nigeria , BATIC Movement etc,dem too plenty.

By January 2022 the stage would be so ardent that these thousands of groups would start having a great synergy amongst themselves.

By February 2022 the connection would be more than “catching a cruise”, their alliance and connectivity would be too much that other aspirants while in the heat of their own presidential aspiration would be fraternizing with Tinubu’s presidential quest.

By March 2022 the thousands of volunteers’ outfits would undergo the two-step verification process that would authenticate their loyalty and finally bring them under a single canopy. Once this is done it would set the stage for the mother of all POLITICAL evangelism.

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By April 2022 the APC as a whole would seem like a BOLA AHMED TINUBU campaign organisation outfit.

By this time wetin everybody go dey pray for na good health and long life make we all witness the general elections.

One thing for sure be say it MUST GO DOWN WHEN TINUBU’S GROUPS CONNECT. Even the MORALE of other presidential aspirants go drop.

For street when we say it goes down when the crew connect, wetin e mean na say EVERYWHERE GOOD.

My name na Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah and na me be the Principal of Bush Radio Academy.

It Goes Down When The Crew Connects: Tinubu’s Missionaries Activates 2 Step Verification Set For Mother Of All Evangelism – Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah

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