Marvin Yorbana: The Perennial Political Pedestrian (PPP), ‘Okwe Industrialist’ & Wike’s Latest Hiring, Grammar No Be Your Mate – Dumeezor Sampson


My Brother Marvin Yorbana: The Perennial Political Pedestrian (PPP), ‘Okwe Industrialist’ & Wike’s Latest Hiring, Grammar No Be Your Mate

A few hours ago, I came across a video clip of about five minutes, forty five seconds (5:45), shared on a WhatsApp group by a friend, whose video clearly reveals is a property of the DAAR Communications PLC. Apparently, a misfit like Marvin whose flimflam career I don’t envy, had appeared on the popular TV program ‘Democracy today’ hosted by Ijeoma Osamor.

In the said video clip, My brother Marvin Yorbana, infamously, illaudably and singly known for for his ’Okwe Industry’, in his usual missionary journey, had been sent by King Nebuchadnezzar of Rivers State, Nyesome Wike, to speak ill of Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, his greatest Political threat in his fierce selfish quest to conquer Rivers State & its treasury for his personal utilities. The aim of doing so, can be clearly rummaged by even a toddler following the trend.


Firstly, I struggled painstakingly to listen and understand the hirling Marvin, especially as the video clearly exposes how much he laboured to assemble basic grammatical tenses in spilling out the incoherent thoughts he came to shamelessly express on National TV. My brother Marvin, grammar no be your mate!

Besides the disgust that all Marvin Yorbana only historically qualifies for in his donkey years of lollygapping around the corridors of power for money-grubbing, is to be seasonally & specifically appointed to mudslide the reputation of others as his only bargaining power to get contracts, speaks to his character. This is why nobody even in his community Kono in Khana LGA, Rivers State, takes him seriously. Infact, this is also why he cannot influence any vote in his polling unit.

Worried at Marvin’s over condoned excesses, unpatriotic behaviour, and political whoredom, one remembers how he was contracted in 2015 by the former first lady (Mama P) to belabor the then Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi. In 2016, few days to the Supreme Court verdict on the 2015 Rivers State governorship election, thinking APC under same Amaechi’s leadership who had become the Minister of Transportation at the time would win the case, he defected to the APC.


While in the APC, Marvin the political pedestrian tagged along with Senator Magnus Abe because Abe’s nominee Chief Derek Mene was the EDFA of NDDC. In 2019, Marvin decamped to Amaechi’s faction of the APC owing to the crisis in the party. The reason he took sides with Amaechi was because Abe was no longer in the senate, Derek his nominee as EDFA had lost his appointment as orchestrated by Amaechi who was still a serving Minister. In 2022, Marvin Yorbana joined the faction of Amaechi to perpetrate the denial of Abe’s faction, an opportunity to participate in the party’s congresses. Marvin was in the league of those who fronted & defended that unconstitutional act.

Just last year, 2022, the moment Marvin Yobana failed to earn the trust of Rotimi Amaechi to secure the House of Representatives ticket for the 2023 general elections, he launched an attack on the character of the former minister, seeing that the ticket for same position has been taken in the SDP under Senator Magnus, he joined the PDP in the state. What a character! That is the Marvin now speaking about who wants to reap where he did not sow?Besides this cognoscente in apostasy, where has Marvin Yorbana sown before?

During the APC Presidential primaries, Marvin Yobana worked for the former minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi. At that time, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe was vigorously campaigning and working assiduously for the emergence of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Wike, was busy pursuing his Presidential ambition in the PDP, and subsequently, a VP joint ticket with Atiku Abubakar, who contested against Bola Tinubu in February, 2023.

Imagine a perennial pedestrian like Marvin whose only focus was, and still is to abuse Magnus Abe during the 2023 campaigns, on the grounds that he’d be given the contract for Bori internal roads by Wike, now comes to speak about who worked for Tinubu and who didn’t? Indeed, people do not have shame, else, a dishonorable character like Marvin Yorbana, would not go on a National TV station to loud his ignoble career of appearing at seasons like this to foster his devious trick sponsored by an underhand desperate fellow who now prefers cancer to malaria.


The prerogative to appoint a minister is that of the President. Hence, it is the sole duty of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to appoint whom he considers best conversant with his policy direction. All this shenanigans by Tony Okocha and Marvin Yorbana, won’t change anything. Events of the past should remind their sponsor that same fiery darts and wiles fired from the same Kokoon in 2016, didn’t work, this one too will not work!

The moment Senator Abe gets any appointment today, Marvin will be the first to run to him. I therefore admonish Marvin: Dear brother, it is time to retire from this customary treachery you’re locally and internationally known for. You’re advancing towards old age, and your offspring would want to meet the legacies of a good name left behind by their father.

By Dumeezor Sampson

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