Matters Arising: PDP Turns Opposition In Edo State As APC Looks Away (Extra Bite On Dan Orbih/Ogbedie Ihama) – Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah

Actually, there has never been a dull moment in Edo State politically, there is always something in the news to trend. Presently the PDP is taking the centre stage with all its show of theatre, which reminds me of the celebrity drama years back between superstar Timaya and curvaceous Nollywod actress, Empress Njuamah.

At the thick of their relationship crisis, Timaya stormed a church she was worshipping and attempted to take back the car gift he gave to her when the going was good. That was when the drama ensued …

Timaya” Empress give me my moto”

Empress ” Timaya I no go give you the moto”

Timaya” Empress I say give me my moto”

Empress ” Timaya I no go give you the moto” that was how they dragged back and forth messing themselves up publicly.

According to the news all over, PDP is having issues with Obaseki and the Governor has stylishly demanded all he bequeathed the party when the going was good. Now PDP claims that Obaseki is an ingrate and he should keep his promises and appointment to himself but should leave them with their political structure, in other words, “Oga chop your Elephant and let us enjoy our RABBIT in peace.”

Obaseki” Give me the political structure”

PDP ” Oga I no go give you the structure”……..

Obaseki” I say give me the political structure”

PDP ” Obaseki we no go give you the structure”.

Call it a show of shame and you may be wrong as politics itself is a game of shame. It is usual and expected just that the masses that have refused to participate would just be talking out of envy. The subject of today’s article is not whether PDP or Obaseki are dancing naked in the market square but about the docility of the APC which is now the opposition party in power.


During the ACN/APC government in Edo State, the PDP as led by Chief Dan Orbih was a tiger on the neck of the APC, they never failed to capture the moment APC seems to waka forukere. Let me remind you how Chief Dan Orbih and his crew stormed the central hospital in Benin City in a dramatic style to bring to the notice of Nigerians the non-functionality of the hospital during Obaseki’s first tenure

Today what do we have? The APC has left the opposition for the PDP that is dragging itself in a fierce political battle with Obaseki. The PDP is now saddled with the responsibility of APC. The APC is looking away while Obaseki is having a field day on so many issues that the party ought to have kicked against.

Suffice me to remind ourselves that the Opposition’s main role is to question the government of the day and hold them accountable. Unfortunately, the APC is nowhere to be found as regards this responsibility. A situation where the opposition party cedes its duty to the ruling party is quite damaging.

How can you leave the responsibility of governance and at the same time the opposition in the hands of the government of the day? Let me spell out the implication so the APC can be able to do the needful in time. When you leave your responsibility of being an attack dog to the government to your opposition you then make yourself irrelevant. The people would ask what now is the essence of having an opposition? As a matter of urgency, the APC should sit up and do the needful. Consistently allowing the PDP to expose the flaws in Obaseki would be counterproductive to the APC.

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Now let me add more gist to the trending issues in Edo State. Obaseki is going after the old structure of the PDP in preparations for the 2023/2024 political battles. Obaseki would retire for senate, while he brings in his friend who is a banker from Lagos to take over from him

Hon Ogbeide-Ihama is at the receiving end as well as Chief Dan Orbih, the battle would be more than fierce because Obaseki has a history of the destruction of political rivals. We refer to him as “Obaseki the destroyer” coined after “Conan the Destroyer.”

The fight would be troublesome because this structure Obaseki is engaging in is legendarily known for Guerrilla warfare. This type of warfare is fought by irregulars in fast-moving, small-scale actions against orthodox military and police forces and, on occasion, against rival insurgent forces, either independently or in conjunction with a larger political-military strategy.

Obaseki may have his way politically but be ready for the super high-class drama that would stain Obaseki further. The consequences of all the actions by the various political parties must be felt by everybody involved it is called KARMA.

My advice for the APC is this….. engage the Government and put them on their toes. For the old PDP….get ready to be stained in mud and finally for Obaseki, be ready for a sound Guerrilla warfare.

Pikin wey dey find party rice suppose ready for plenty dance.

My Name na Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah and I am the Chairman / CEO of Bush Radio Academy……a fearless critic.

Matters Arising: PDP Turns Opposition In Edo State As APC Looks Away (Extra Bite On Dan Orbih/Ogbedie Ihama) – Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah

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