Nigeria Flour Mills Association provides 50 million naira grant for local wheat seed production

Mr. Samaira highlighted efforts towards localization of production and highlighted the transition from LCRI to locally sourced basic seeds to support future wheat cultivation with certified seeds. He urged other stakeholders to follow his lead, envisioning increased wheat production for self-sufficiency and lower bread prices in the near future.

Abubakar Kyari, Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, highlighted the large gap between supply and demand in the West and Central African region, citing the need for the summit to build strategic alliances and increase wheat production. Mr. Kyari emphasized that the large imports of wheat amounting to US$6 billion between 2016 and 2020 are unsustainable, compared to the country’s annual requirement of 6 million tons

Mr. Kyari highlighted the global changes that are affecting wheat imports, especially due to conflicts and export bans in various countries, and called for the urgency to strengthen regional wheat production to ensure food and nutrition security. emphasized the need for

Professor Baba Gana Kabir, Executive Director of LCRI, highlighted the institute’s commitment to wheat variety research and development by registering and publishing 17 wheat varieties with more expected in the future. . Mr. Kabir reiterated LCRI’s commitment to working with stakeholders to address the wheat crisis and strengthen food security in the region.

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