Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi stood by PMB from the world go and ensured that money bags did not snatch the party ticket from him. Many of his supporters and APC members in Rivers State were killed, beheaded and their houses set ablaze before and during the 2015 elections. But Amaechi did not capitulate nor give up. All he wanted was victory for PMB and he paid the price with almost his life……

When a Police Constable stopped Amaechi from accessing a Particular route to Government. When Rivers State oil wells were given to other states and monthly allocations reduce. When Rivers State bombardier Jet was seized by the Federal Government. When CP Mbu (RTD) was calling the shot in Rivers State. When APC members could not meet because of fear of being attacked by the Police and thugs……

When they bragged to block every route to stop Amaechi from escaping after election. At that point, Amaechi may have lost hope in human calculation. Amaechi lifted up his eyes to God and said ” WHAT IF BUHARI WINS”!

And somebody is sitting somewhere claiming ownership and entitlement to the APC Presidential ticket. PMB WILL NEVER FORGET. THE NORTH WILL NEVER FORGET.

~Marshall Israel.

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