Npower Latest News For Today 8th January 2022

In today’s Npower Latest News for Friday 8th January 2022 -For Npower applicants asking whether the Npower Non-graduate will be captured In Stream 2″, looking from the latest report stating that 400,000 new Applicants will be enlisted into the Npower batch C stream 2 this year 2022, there is every possibility that new non-graduate applicants may be selected.

Nonetheless, the public holiday break ends on Monday 3rd January 2022 and all other activities resumed on the 4th January 2022. As such, we believed that the Npower batch C 1 beneficiaries have resumed duty in order to continue acquiring skills and work experience. If not then we advise that you get ready.

For Npower beneficiaries who have not received their October payment, there is a new development to the October payment. The management of the Npower Programme has stated that the October Stipend payment has been paused.

Payment of beneficiaries outstanding stipends. October payment is currently paused although the Hon. Minister has approved the payment of November and December 2021 stipends and it’s currently being processed and shall commence upon conclusion. If you have not received your stipend, be patient, you all will be paid.

The Exited Npower batch A and B Beneficiaries now Nexit applicants have not given up hope on the Nexit Scheme, they are still clamoring for the exit package..



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