In continuation of its Senatorial District wide consultations with some major stakeholders within the Rivers East Senatorial District, the Rivers East Interest Group paid a visit to Rt. Hon. Victoria Wobo Nyeche, President General of the Ikwerre Women’s Forum, IWF and Hon. Kingsley Wali aka the Godfather and Convener of Unity House, separately to seek their support towards the actualization of its mandate

Recall that the group has been touring the Senatorial District and consulting vigorously in a bid to rally total support for its mandate which is the quest for a Rivers East Senator of Etche extraction come 2023.

Stating its mission, the group explained that its advocacy for a Senator of Etche ethnic extraction was hinged on the fact that of the three ethnic groups that make up the Rivers East Senatorial District, Etche was the only one yet to produce a Senator in the entire history of the District even though it had always supported other ethnic groups within the Senatorial District all these years since 1999.

The group further hinted that it had gone ahead to conduct a thorough search across the Etche ethnic group and has found an illustrious son of Etche worthy in character and conduct; a trailblazer and reformer of no small measure who has made immense contributions towards the political and social development of Etche and its people. The group made clear that Chief (Barr.) Nnamdi Okere, adequately fits the bill and expressed total confidence in his ability to effectively represent the Senatorial District at the Red Chambers.

Responding, Hon. Nyeche commended the group for its courage to make make its opinion known at a critical political time as this adding that she has no reason not to support a quest anchored on equity and fairness. The former Rivers lawmaker while extolling the virtues of Chief Okere assured the group of her support and promised to lend her voice to the cause when the time is rip

In the same vein, Hon. Kingsley Wali hailed the group for taking initiative and pursuing an agenda that is reasonable and fair. The Godfather as he is fondly called, agreed that the Etche ethnic nationality has suffered political marginalization and should be given the opportunity. He however, added that they must express readiness to grab the senatorial seat

Speaking further, the Unity House convener urged the group to take its quest beyond the Rivers East Senatorial District. He assured the group of his readiness to support its cause only if it remains steadfast and focused. The Godfather did not fail to warn that the group must be flexible in its demand and express readiness to embrace the decision of the Party when it comes. He invited the group and all relevant stakeholders to join hands and fix the Party noting that only when the Party is fixed can the issue of political marginalization be fixed.

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