OPM Converts Government School to free school in Abia, offers Scholarships to all students from JSS I to SS3.

The General Overseer of Omega Power Ministries (OPM) Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere has again rise up to save the only secondary school in Ikwuorie Community in Ukwa East Local Government Area of Abia State from being closed down by the Government.

Apostle Chinyere who received a save our soul message from Ohanku village moved to save the school from being closed down. According to him “ I received a call from the village that the principal was complaining that the only secondary school in Ohanku is about to close down “

Apostle Chinyere who is always known for his humanitarian engagements was disturbed after receiving such informations. He further demanded to know what happened “ I asked why will they want to close the school down “ he said;

According to him he was told that the children refused to come to school because they can’t afford the money to pay their school fees they rather prefer going to the farm while their teachers can’t find anybody in school to teach.

Apostle Chinyere a visionary servant of God who built 16 free schools in Nigeria, used that same strategy to bring back the lost glory of Ikwuorie Comprehensive Secondary School in Ohanku.

According to him” I said okay in order to help the children go back to school, I asked them if 50 children go back to school will they still close down the school, they said if they see 50 children they will no longer close down the school “ he said;

The good news is that after Apostle Chinyere heard the story of some of the students who finished primary school in OPM FREE SCHOOL in Ohanku community but couldn’t afford money to further their Education in secondary school because OPM FREE SCHOOLS stopped at Primary School and a particular family with five (5) children but none is going to secondary school as they all turned farmers, he was greatly touched and changed his mind and offered scholarships to all students in Ohanku community from JSS 1 to SS 3 to enable them go to school and to save Ikwuorie Comprehensive Secondary School Ohanku from being closed down.

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When the Principal complained about lack of teachers in the school, the man of God employed 7 (Seven) qualified teachers who will be paid monthly by him.

Recall that the government removed waec center from the school, but the man of God also intervened and restored waec center in the school.
Apostle Chinyere has in the past renovated the dilapidated secondary school,built additional structures and donated lockers in the school.

He also donated generator for the corpers posted to the school. The man of God also ordered the construction of toilets in school as there is no single toilet in that school.

The man of God have been in the forefront of helping the poor and the less privileged through Offering and tithe from the Church

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