PDP And Her Failed Rescue Nigeria Mission – Benson Nwachukwu.


Those who wish to rescue others, must first rescue themselves,pdp have not been able to rescue herself from the doom and crisis it went into,not to think of rescuing Nigeria,they destroyed,that the Apc is rebuilding.

I was forced to ask,why now the rescue,when they held power at the center and lived flamboyantily in Aso Rock Villa Abuja for 16 interrupted years.

Or Is this a new pdp ?,or the same pdp,that looted our common wealth,wherein it diverted over 2.2 billion US dollars meant for Arms procurement,for her Elections, through the former national security Adviser,col sambo Dasuki. while our soliders were killed fighting with bear hands and Boko harram overrun our territories.
Is it not the same pdp ? that a woman was busy buying bras worth several millions of dollars and birthday parties hosted in airplane on foreign land,when her citizens are dieing of hunger.and our oil money not accounted for.


Except,they are telling Nigerians that they are on a second missionary looting journey, Nigerians should think alongside with me,I so think

Otherwise,for 16 solid years,they had the opportunity of rescuing Nigeria,and failed rather they were busy looting our common wealth to the enrichment of few of their cronies.

Well,I have noticed that the approach of 2023 General Elections is putting PDP in a jittery mood, Because they know that the, All progressive Congress APC will beat them.that is the reason for the diversionary slogan of RESCUE NIGERIA,if I may ask ? Is 16year of pdp,better than the 6years of Apc led federal government,and the answer is capital NO.


However,the Abuja pdp Convention tagged “RESCUE NIGERIA’ was a meeting of friends that pose no threat at all,as it is said,that you cannot eat your cake and have it,pdp have eaten it’s own cake,and can never have it again.

Nigeria and Nigerians have since rejected pdp,and they are frustrated,they think attacking and insulting APC in the false belief, that this is the way to win Election in 2023.

In 2015 and 2019 Nigerians rejected pdp,and will never accept them again,since than,they have continued to gang_up,pdp have been depleting in numbers and increasing in factions,of course,an alliance of factions,misled by overambitious person’s,who see no good in any other man,is condemned to failure and shipwreck.since they are manifestly unable to design better program than the APC.

In the light of this and the performances of the APC led federal government to providing positive and quality leadership to this nation and indeed Africa,APC hope to win in Anambra come 6th of November 2021,and more states and to have more and more distinguished and honorable members in the national and State assemblies by 2023.


If APC could win in the difficult days,of power of incumbent of PDP,her chances of winning overwhelmingly in these days of consolidation are indeed magnificent,let there be no doubt about this.

Ends !!!!


Hon Benson Nwachukwu writes from ikwerre and can be reached via email bensonwachukwu@gmail.com.

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