Prof. Henry Anthony Ugboma the Chief Medical Director of the famous University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital has an excellent knowledge of healthcare, quality- safety and is able and capable to lead brilliant initiatives.

He has shown capacity over the years to prove his worth and expertise in the medical field. As a result, he works closely with the executive administrative team of the hospital to develop strategies of sustainability and market success.

Since his assumption in office, he has been able to bridge institutional silos to achieve results and align operations with clinical effectiveness. His developmental strides are centred on Humanities not failed promises, he gathers the downtrodden shelter and feed them amidst the hardship.

His experience over the years has aided him to partner with critical stakeholders in the industry to work in harmony to get outcomes results, manage projects, develop programs and execute effective plans for the public interest.

As the brain box of the prestigious hospital, he ensures that every part of the hospital is effectively operational and he is comfortable with all the moving parts of the hospital; he knows when and how to align different departments within the hospital setting.

He has a clear understanding of how University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital functions currently, and how it may evolve.

He is able to assess where integration is needed to break down clinical or administrative silos, and whether current clinical leadership is adequate to the tasks required.

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Prof. Ugboma is known for recommending and making necessary changes to improve functioning of the hospital.

He provides support for current medical leadership and has the ability to identify and nurture future leaders to ensure sustainable delivery of quality care by the hospital.

He has been able to show the administration that investment in leadership development is necessary for the hospital’s ongoing ability to provide quality care as well as to grow and meet competitive challenges in a sustainable manner.

He has a strong working understanding of metrics and medical analytics.

Prof. Ugboma has a good understanding of his staff compensation processes, productivity incentive packages and the concept of fair-market value.

Similarly, Prof. Ugboma is attuned to legal landmines with regard to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.



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