Reconciliation, Organization, and Welfare Rank Top As Chizi Nyeomasila Unveils His Work Plan for Rivers APC

Reconciliation, Organization, and Welfare Rank Top As Chizi Nyeomasila Unveils His Work Plan for Rivers APC

The success of every complex project such as rebuilding and administering a sophisticated organization, requires the creation of a strategic and custom work plan, practicable enough to guarantee timely results.

Conscious of the objective reality of this fact and with particular reference to the peculiarities of the Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), which inspired the careful development of the acronymic quaternary infrastructure – W.O.R.K, tailor-made for a holistic overhaul and comprehensive rebranding of the party as a united, virile and responsible alternative to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), in Rivers State, Chizi Nyeomasila, on Tuesday October 5, 2021, officially launched his work plan for the Rivers APC.

Speaking at the unveiling in Port Harcourt, the frontline Chairmanship hopeful gave more insight into the acronym – WORK, helping audience gain an accurate and deeper understanding of quaternary infrastructure which is the foundation on which the work plan is anchored.

According to Nyeomasila, work is more than just a list of job specifications and responsibilities. “As a family of progressives, we must invest in our people. Those who have followed with commitment all through the thick and thin, defiling the odds in championing our course must be identified and encouraged wherever they may be”.

The WORK Acronym Defined:

W = Welfare
O = Organisation
R = Reconciliation/Reward
K = Knowledge-based membership

“The W.O.R.K quaternary acronym (afore-defined) is the core anchorage of our blueprint to get the party back on track”, Chizi Nyeomasila emphasized.

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The WORK Acronym Briefly Explained:

According to the party APC stalwart, the welfare of Party members means different things to different strata of membership.
There is an urgent need to redefine welfare in practically sustainable ways in such a manner to allow for progress.
To achieve this, we must Plan welfare, provide a template for sustainability, monitor the operation and effectiveness of our welfare programmes and, introduce quality assurance mechanisms for the welfare projects.

Chizi Nyeomasil said the Rivers APC must understand need to redefine leadership and the ‘leadable’ for victory in the Governorship, National and State Assemblies elections; differentiate between leaders and those holding positions of leadership as well as identify spots for greater future for sustainable party leadership.

He said the organisational content of the party infrastructure shall include:
running functional Party offices, develop an open access Membership Database, establish momentum and synergy in intra-party operations,
train and retrain party leaders at all cadres for optimum performances on every given task. etc.

This factor, according to him, constitutes the organic amalgam of the currents that occasion conflicts: constructive and destructive.

“We are all aware of the consequences of facing different directions in the same party. Our first task here is to reconcile the reconcilable, redefine the irreconcilable and strengthen intra-party conflict resolution mechanisms. This will also include the development of a hierarchy of interests, commitment, sacrifice,
appointments based on work and ward, etcetera.

“Knowledge, they say is power. This is true especially in confronting the unknown. Without some basic information, members derail. Some fall flat in the face of unverified information. Others betray for lack of information. It is a truism that ‘when you introduce the light of knowledge, the darkness of ignorance disappears’ (KI).”

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“Consequently, when I emerge as Chairman of APC in Rivers State with your support and by God’s Grace, we shall provide the right kind of information at the right time, train, retrain and effectively engage as many party loyalists as possible and most importantly, provide a Policy Document on Why APC should govern Rivers State.

‘It is a win-win process for all’, he added.

A comprehensive documentary on the work plan can be accessed via the following links:

Reconciliation, Organization, and Welfare Rank Top As Chizi Nyeomasila Unveils His Work Plan for Rivers APC

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