Rivers APC: The Centrifugal And Centripetal Forces: Where Lies The Enlightened Self-Interest – Achor Omodu

Rivers APC: The Centrifugal And Centripetal Forces: Where Lies The Enlightened Self-Interest

By Achor Omodu
5th May, 2022.

One cannot rule out the existence of interests in life generally. Interests propel our actions and decisions. Both nature and nurture play roles in the behaviour of individuals by and large. The influence these factors play in shaping individual behaviour is contingent on expectations. Some persons have voracious expectations based on greed.

Need is not want. Extreme want is greed. That is why Mahatma Gandhi posited, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” Man is in essence a greedy being. This is the view of the sixteenth century thinker, Thomas Hobbes. In ‘The Leviathan’, Hobbes argues that large numbers of human beings in modern liberal democracies have become greedy for two reasons. Firstly, he posits that we have a concept of success that has become difficult or even impossible to satisfy. Secondly, the failure to achieve this success leads to a lack of esteem which often morphs into envy and unhappiness.

It’s greed and narcissism that can drive someone who belongs to a group with a common goal and shared vision to torpedo the group’s plans and winning strategies if and when, in their parochialism, their selfish interests are not covered.

Today, our Party, the APC, is challenged by the insatiable wants or greed of some members. They are questioning the idea of common interest and shared vision. They are superimposing their unenlightened self-interest expecting us to swallow such primitive contraption, hook, line and sinker.

The point to make clear here is that every group or organization, must, out of necessity, have a leader. The leader crafts the vision and directs effectively for the overall good. That leader must have some discretionary powers to exercise. That power of discretion includes but no limited to selecting and choosing of sub-leaders and representatives.

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In the case of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, can any member of our Party who desires to run for any political position succeed if Amaechi is plugged out of the centre of our political gravity? Is Amaechi no longer the rallying point for all? Why the rebellion?
Amaechi is our leader. Amaechi leads, we follow.

~Achor Omodu is member of the APC.

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