The Story Of Africa’s Youthful Population


When people say Africa is a Continent full of young people and youths , especially Nigeria , some people think it’s something to be proud of? My brother it simply means that there is high mortality rate . People don’t averagely live long in this part of the world that’s why the population is filled with young people.

By the time Africans leave up to the age of 45 50 ,60 , they are already looking old and tired . Not strong enough to continue living actively . Hence we don’t have much elderly people in the Continent.

The cause of this early death include poverty , lack of adequate health system , lack of well prepared meal with all necessary nutrients , lack of sustainable means of survival , unhealthy government policies , corruption , nepotism and so on and forth .

When you go to European countries and other developed countries , you observe that they have more elderly persons in their population because they have been able to conquer many of these challenges . People longer in these countries because they have a working system that have been able to provide basic needs for her citizens .

If Nigeria youths doesn’t take necessary actions to demand for adequate livelihood and a working sociopolitical cum economic system , all of us might end up like our people who died early and then people will continue to say Africa is a youth population made up of energetic youths .

Already most of us lost our parents at the age of 50 60 and 70 , and these hurts so badly , because if the system was working, people can leave up to 90 , 100 and 120 years .

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The Story Of Africa’s Youthful Population 

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