The Train Revolution, Buhari and Amaechi train, Abuja (Idu) – Kaduna Rail Line – Mrs Opem Udose


President Mohammed Buhari commissioned the Abuja( Idu) Kaduna Rail Line on the 26th July 2016 he named the railway complex after the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Ms. Amina Mohammed.

The Abuja-Kaduna Railway service provides a much needed alternative transport link between the Federal Capital Territory and Kaduna state,which has a huge potential for industries, agricultural activities and a growing labour force,

Do you know that the Buhari administration met the Abuja – Kaduna 184km rail line uncompleted, abandoned dilapidated even after previous administrations spent 10 years constructing it but was unable to complete it? Now you know,
Today the Abuja Kaduna Rail Line is one of finest in Africa and also created employment opportunities thanks to Buhari and Amaechi the Game Changers.


Building railway infrastructure across the country in order to provide Nigerians with an alternative means of comfortable, cheaper way of travel is one of the campaign promise of President Buhari which he is faithfully fulfilling.

The Nigeria Rail service is boosting and stimulating economic growth by providing large scale traders with a cheaper and safer means of moving large quantities of goods across the country’s markets.

The railway service is a big win for our economy.
The Abuja Kaduna Rail service generates more than one million naira per day.


CRA is doing well as a Minister of Transportation.
CRA will do better if given a bigger Responsibility.
I choose Rotimi Amaechi for President of Nigeria 2023.

Mrs Opem Udose

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