Unity Government: Wike Prides in Ignorance – Eze

…Says Nigeria is Not Under Any Political Crisis …Counsels Rivers Governor to Channel Energy Towards Evacuating the Wastes that Adorn Roads and Streets in Port Harcourt.

Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, member of the Legacy Projects Media Team and erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party, (nPDP) Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze says Gov. Wike has continued to embarrass himself before Nigerians with his inappropriate use of words and English phrases whenever he is favored with the presence of media men.

Eze made the assertion in reaction to a comment credited to the Governor where he offered to form a unity government if he emerges President.

In a statement made available to media houses in Port Harcourt, Chief Eze said such proposition is inappropriate and totally out of context given that the Nigerian State is not experiencing any war or political emergency to warrant the formation of a government of National Unity as suggested by Wike.

According to Eze, government of National Unity is such that consists all warring parties in a national political crisis, emergency or war to accommodate the varying interests of all concerned groups and allay their fears for the broader interests of country.

The party Chief said the using such context on Nigeria doesn’t present the Rivers Governor as one reasonable enough to lead a state as enlightened as Rivers let alone Nigeria.

“Gov Wike is a confused personality. He may not understand what it means in formation of a national unity Government which can only occur where there is an emergency. Probably he is either praying or envisaging a situation where there may be an emergency. Assuming such situation occurs, who is he to think he would be in position to handle it. Does he, in his wildest imagination think that there are no credible Nigerians who will preside over this nation.”

Given the way the Governor has carried himself before Nigerians, Chief Eze said the leadership of the People’s Democratic Party must be ashamed that one of those contesting the party’s presidential ticket lacks rudimentary knowledge in basic English grammar as the embarrassment goes to the root of the credibility of the party in assessing and approving aspirants for positions of trust.

Eze called on Wike to bundle himself back to Port Harcourt and concentrating on evacuating the humongous waste that now adorn major highways and streets in Port Harcourt. Turning the once Garden City and pride of Nigeria to Garbage City!

The ex-nPDP Spokesman feared that residents of Port Harcourt may be endangered species given the horrible environmental situation in the city which in all honesty calls for a serious health emergency.

Decrying the sordid scenes around Port Harcourt and environs, the party Chief said the mountainous heap of dirts and pollutants have fouled the air and turned the once serene city into a garbage city and called on Wike to channel the energy he uses in displaying crass ignorance and flamboyant idiocy to clear the wastes that line up on major roads and streets.

“The city once prided for her serenity and greenery has been reduced to a ground for waste disposal”, Eze lamented.



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