At a time when there was turbulence in the APC and it seemed all hopes were lost, courageous Chief Victor Giadom defiled all odds to weather the storm and restored hope to the party in Nigeria.

When the courts affirmed the removal of Adams Oshiomhole as National Chairman of APC and a lacuna was created, Chief Giadom took the bull by the horn to bring stability and restored order to the APC.

When opposition elements fingered through our leadership ranks to further depeen the challenges, Giadom refused to be a willing tool.


Adams Oshiomhole was removed by his ward executives not Giadom, and that decision was affirmed by the court in the aftermath of his fight with Gov Obaseki.

There was a storm, Chief Giadom didn’t allow APC, a governing party to become a laughing stock. He didn’t want APC to implode, he wanted APC to stay alive.

He stepped in, filled the vacuum and brought stability back to the party, because at the time he was next in line in administrative hierarchy of the APC.


The president, INEC, the court and the NEC of the APC affirmed his leadership to be lawful.

The Honorable Attorney General and minister of justice gave his legal opinion and advice, certifying that indeed Chief Victor Giadom was on the right side of the law.

His temporary leadership restored calm, order and brought life back to the party.

He wasn’t greedy, he refused to be bribed as some would want to do. He didn’t want to stay put or seat tight.


He did not want APC to die!

Almost immediately he took over reign and his Chairmanship was agreed to by Mr president, he called for NEC meeting and handed off mantle to Gov Mai Malla Buni.

The good results of his actions is the now attractive and lucrative APC we are all battling and jostling to grab a bite today.

The much anticipated national convention of the APC is scheduled for Saturday, 26th March, 2022.

Giadom’s sacrifice, selflessness, liberalism and flexibility made us get to this point we are.

APC actually needs characters like Chief Victor Giadom to bring stability to the APC.

He never acted like some people who wanted to elongate their tenure.

He has done it before, he will do again.

APC need Giadom!

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