Why Emeka Beke Is The Party Chairman “Golden Ben Chioma” An Abstract For Dissection A Plan Failed



My attention has been drawn to a radio airing yesterday. How Golden Ben suddenly became missing in a program he was invited and how a gullible was used to divulge debris for some unbridled felicitations to pay masters against his major benefactor and donor Hon. Emeka Beke.

Recall that I have been part of the movement for internal democracy and inclusiveness from inception but has come to ascertain that those we joined to champion this course were never of good faith and pretention for the party as recent happenings gives credits to my juncture.


In 2015, only Magnus Abe was qualified to be governor. In 2019, It had to be him or nobody. Today, a pioneer secretary of the party cannot make a levelheaded chairman just because only Magnus Abe must be governor in 2023.

I may not go deep to certain factuality and would have been repose if it wasn’t for the populate of the state who are unwitting of the falsehood that marked yesterday’s radio program as Prince Boms Obilor became the Caretaker Chairman of the party giving definitive to who is the chairman of APC Rivers State or not.

In my study and analysis of political propaganda, I have come to realise that major falsehoods are disseminated by those given a mere opportunity to appear on air or online as no responsible self money earning person will prodigally disburse his or her money spreading lies if not, there is no way Boms Obilor will say Hon. Emeka Beke is not chairman of APC Rivers state even after a congress held in the supervision of CTC of the party, INEC, and other external observers if it wasn’t for idleness.


I think Boms is aware that even after evicting me from some platforms after viewing my WhatsApp status and indication for a one united APC this time, there are other platforms I still share with him. In this platform, a list was posted with a picture of an event having few persons seating and a man standing with a mic. Even him Boms Obilor asked “which event is this” and was told it is their state party congress that brought Golden Ben Chioma. You mean even him “Boms” was not aware of the congress? I was shocked and am sure he was more shocked unless he will come to tell us he was aware of the naming ceremony that brought Golden Ben yet decided to still ask what event it was. People can just say everything just to go home with anything.

In the plight of the above, one may still wish to ask Boms the justifications he has to say who is the chairman and not? Is he a delegate? Is he among CTC? Or even INEC? I would love to seek relevance through media but must always watch out for better platforms.

Apart from this, I was at the congress ground to assist Warrant comrade Mfata Mfata anchoring the program. It may interest you to note that there was seat reservations for Senator Magnus Abe, Wilson Ake, Chidi Wihioka etc. Yet they refused showing up in their state of confusion only to come up with a list in the evening and an inauguration days later and I ask, there was no congress conducted with a disclosed date or pictures for their usual social media outburst like they always do. How come people only heard of inauguration? . I pledge Boms Obilor to show us pictures of the congress because in his trait, he would have loved to snap with almost everybody. Rivers people are no more blinded to the truth and this time we shall all follow it.

The National leadership of the party has before now initiated a revalidation exercise of which even Magnus Abe assigned he’s people to wait and revalidate. Worgu Boms did and many others. Same National Leadership constituted a committee to which the state congress became a progress about seeing the light. People bought forms and uptil 15th of October, there was no injunction questioning the congress. It held, I was there. No body was rejected rights to vote. There was casting of votes and joy among party men. APC is back! Where again is Magnus Abe, Tony Okocha, Worgus Boms etc coming from?


I rest my case here.

APC is one now even Abe confirmed it.
One leader Rt Hon Rotimi Amaechi
One party chairman Hon. Emeka Beke.

Those who spread rancor must cease to be used to sow discord and embrace peace. We are better together.

A concerned party man.

Comrade Hope Amadi.

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