Why FG Must Revive Nigeria’s Groundnut Pyramids As A Matter Of Urgency by Ima Shedrack

The importance of Agriculture cannot be over emphasized in any nation, some will even say no nation can survive without agricultural products. For Nigeria as a nation, we are so blessed with many commodities especially with GROUNDNUT topping the list which places us on a very high scale at the international market.

Undisputably, history holds that around 1912 groundnut pyramids was sited in Kano city at Kano State. They were well pilled up in sacks that it was even higher than most of the buildings. Interestingly, the pyramids was placed at the center of the Railway Station where it can easily enroute Lagos from Kano then later shipped to Europe and other part of the world.

Currently, the said dusty yards where the groundnut marketing board stock-piled farmer’s harvest now lie empty or say occupied with buildings.

However , the usage of groundnut products has multiplied immensely in the sense that, virtually all the households now use it for one purpose or another even up to its leaf.

While we seek for diversification of the nation’s economy rising from the continuous instability of oil price, oncerned citizens have joined the call for the revamping of groundnut pyramids, top on the list is Tunde Bakare who on the 25th October, 2021 lamented over the dead state of _groundnut pyramids in the Northern Nigeria_.

To this end, it is expedient for the government to swing into action as matter of urgency by giving the commodity the needed attention.

This clarion call further submits that president Mohammadu Buhari led government, as well other private sectors and groundnut farmers under the umbrella of _National Groundnut Producers Processors And Marketers Association_ Of Nigeria NGROPPMAN should come together in reviving the nation’s lost glory.

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Why FG Must Revive Nigeria’s Groundnut Pyramids As A Matter Of Urgency by Ima Shedrack

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