Why Magnus Abe Backed Out of Gubernatorial Contest in Rivers State.

Why Magnus Abe Backed Out of Gubernatorial Contest in Rivers State.

Recall that I instituted an action against Sen. Magnus Abe in court (CV/1358/2022: Secondson Wobodo vs APC & 2 Ors) challenging his right to vote or be voted under the All Progressive Congress (APC). Everyone including Abe had thought that my suit was challenging his membership of the APC, which was non justiciable. But on a thorough consideration of my suit, they discovery that my case was not challenging whether he is a member of APC or not, rather that my suit is that his category of membership as it were (not being a fully registered member, a member whose name is not in the voter register of his ward), whether he can vote or be voted for. In other words, that Magnus is a non-voting member of APC.

The court cannot tell or decide for an association or political party who its members are, but the court can decide and interpret the rights and obligations of members of an association or political party under the association’s constitution. So, I asked the court to interpret for my the right of Magnus as a member of the APC whose name is not “fully registered” in APC membership register, if he could vote or be voted for.

Upon this sad discovery that my case is not only justifiable, but that I have passed all the test for bring the action, I was told by a reliable source that Sen. Abe began to lobby at the National Secretariat to see how his name could be smuggled into the party register of his ward. Unfortunately, the National could not help him because the copy of the Ward register was already exhibited before the court.

The statement issued by Tony Okocha of the non participation of SEN. Magnus Abe is a subterfuge. Magnus knows that he cannot vote or be voted for in any primary or elections of APC, so to continue to decide his unsuspecting supporters, they have issued this statement. Magnus cannot vote in this dispensation until his name is fully entered in the party register.

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My advice to the party is that, the party must not remove his name because the Court has not made specific order. His name must be included and let his supporters, if any, vote for him. Otherwise he will cry exclusion and claim that he is not and did not mandate Tony Okocha to issue such statement. Let us beat him roundly by law and in the polls.

My Name is Secondson Kelvin Wobodo.

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