Why Rivers People should vote massively against Gov. Wike’s protege Come 2O23


Why Rivers People should vote massively against Gov. Wike’s protege and his Party, in March 2O23: Read Full Article

1. Staff School Teachers – sacked
2. Ken-Poly Lecturers – sacked.
3. Timariv Officers – disbanded
4. RSSDA – disbanded
5. Overseas students – abandoned
6. Greater port Harcourt – abandoned
7. Songhai Farm – collapsed
8. Buguma and Ubima Fishfarm closed.
9. Students bursary-cancelled
10. No payment of gratuity
11. No payment of pension allowances to retirees that retired since 2015 till date
12. Abandoning of state Secretariat (No light, No water, damage roofs etc)
13. Introduction of levies in our primary and secondary schools
14. Increase in sch fees in all our state owned tertiary institutions, too bad
15. Increase in crime as a result of lack of political will by the government
16. No clear social investment by the current administration
17. No capital project going on check well
18. The current administration does not have a blueprint on governance
19. Monthly deduction of workers salary
20. Recruitment of Rivers graduates into Taskforce
21. RTC-Closed
22. No promotion of civil servants in the state since 2015
1. Recruitment of Neighborhood watch – scam
2. Employment of 10,000 academic staffs and 4000 none academic staffs within 3 weeks – scam
3. Employment of Liaison Officers – scam
4. Real Madrid academy-scam
5. Health workers recruitment-scam
6. judiciary workers recruitment-scam
7. Rivers state waste management agency-scam
8. civil servant loan- scam
9. business people loan-scam

Some times let’s take a stroll to our various communities in Rivers state to see things ourselves even the primary health centers, modern primary schools etc built and furnished by the past administration Has been woefully abandoned.


Rivers state is indeed need of a messiah, we need to get Rivers state working again, let’s ignore party sentiments and put our State first.

Our Lord, may anything that concerns Nyesom Wike, never happen to us again. 🙏🏾

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