2023: Gov. Wike Is On The March Again [See Details]

One Rivers man that has exhibited extraordinary shrewdness in political escapades is Governor Ezenwo Nyesom Wike. The Rumuepirikom-born political gladiator has setup and executed several political schemes that set him aside as an extremely ingenious politician.

The timing, execution and success of Nyesom Wike’s political plots distinguish him as a very smart person who is miles ahead of the pack. His foresighted calculations and uncommon victories fuel the suspicion that he is either aided by foreign experts or by some spiritual forces. If not, how can one man be so successful in outsmarting opponents?

The most breathtaking political scheme, the one that beats all imagination, was Wike’s triumph in 2015 when he succeeded his fellow Ikwerre man as governor in a multi-ethnic Rivers State.

The plot began quietly with Wike’s support for Rotimi Amaechi throughout the latter’s travails to be governor; his subservience as Chief of Staff; his audacious acts as Director General of Amaechi’s reelection campaign in 2011; his troublesome appointment as Minister of State for Education; the mysterious emergence of Felix Obuah as PDP state chairman and the lunch of the political gunship called GDI.

It was a masterful scheme, an extraordinary feat, the type that would be extremely difficult to replicate. It was the handiwork of an “Evil Genius”.

Nyesom Wike knew when and how to support and install Rotimi Amaechi as governor. He knew when and how to wrestle power from Amaechi too.

It was a titanic battle that brought Rivers State to a standstill but because Nyesom Wike had his plans wrapped up, he won. Lots of human lives were lost and property destroyed, but Nyesom Wike won.

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Ahead of the 2019 elections, Nyesom Wike displayed yet another masterpiece in political maneuver. He led the onslaught that retrieved the PDP from Ali Modu Sheriff who as it were, held the party hostage.

Thereafter, Wike edged out the South West zone of the PDP and ensured that his ally from Rivers State, Prince Uche Secondus became the National Chairman of the party.

For that double-barrel-action and for funding the PDP with humongous sums of money, Nyesom Wike is glibly referred to as the “Father Christmas” of PDP while the courts are called “Wike’s Supermarkets”.

Recall that apart from stopping Ali Modu Sheriff, the courts also installed Obuah as PDP State Chairman, which gave Wike the control of the party in Rivers State ahead of the 2015 elections. Wike has been doing a lot for the judiciary, gifting cars, office and residential buildings.

Nyesom Wike knows when to bring in people in pursuit of his political goals and he knows when to remove them too. He assisted Amaechi to be governor and he knew when to wrestle power from him,.

He brought Ali Modu Sheriff into PDP as National Chairman and also showed him the way out. Wike brought Uche Secondus as National Chairman of the PDP and it is time for Uche Secondus to exit the stage, having accomplished the purpose for which he was recruited.

The South West is still hurting from the manner Nyesom Wike edged the zone off the National Chairmanship contest even as they were coasting to victory. But for the new “Maradona” of Nigerian politics, it was not about the South West.

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It was rather about taking control of the PDP ahead of the 2019 elections. The person that fitted the bill at the time, was the Andoni man from Rivers State, Prince Uche Secondus.

It was 2017 and Nyesom Wike in his characteristic manner knew that first, he needed to secure the 2019 governorship ticket for his second term. Second, and of lesser significance, he needed to have a strong say in who flies the presidential flag of the PDP.

Uche Secondus had stood with Nyesom Wike against Rotimi Amaechi and would be extremely grateful for such an elevation. As National Chairman he would effectively close the door to any ambitious persons who plans to challenge the second term bid of Nyesom Wike.

Prince Uche Secondus had served his purpose. As National Chairman of PDP, he has acquired affluence and influence. He has stepped on toes and crossed red lines. He is emboldened and ambitious. He is the new threat to Nyesom Wike’s absolute power over the Rivers State PDP.

For the man who sees tomorrow, for the veteran of many deadly political battles, now is the time to wrestle Uche Secondus out of power if he must decide who takes over from him as governor.

Although he will not be on the governorship ballot, he has set his goals for Rivers 2023 and he is working hard on it. Nyesom Wike is on the march again. The rest of us are merely watching, waiting to applaud or complain.

(C) Ijuye

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2023: Gov. Wike Is On The March Again [See Details]

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