Native doctor caught buying a 3month old baby in Ahoada, Rivers State

A Delta State Native/Witch Doctor who lived in Edeoha in Upata Ekpeye caught burying a 3months old baby  alive and when confronted and beaten to confess, he disappeared.
So on getting to his house/Shrine 100’s of photographs have been determined nailed, tied and chained, to exclusive places. Padlocks have been in chains littered everywhere tied to people’s photographs.
The lifeless 3months old child become dung up, the irritated youths attempted all they may to burn down his constructing that allows you to set sufferers in chains unfastened however the constructing couldn’t trap hearthplace in order that they broke it down instead.
So many gadgets and unattainable matters have been observed there, and maximum of these whose photographs have been observed there are all lifeless in actual life.
The exact information is that, maximum of these blind and with stroke whose photographs have been observed there have received their freedom as we speak, the blind can see and people with stroke are flawlessly fine.
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