Fact /reality concerning Rivers east senatoria slot: How BISI emerged against all odds

Fact /reality concerning Rivers east senatoria slot .How BISI emerged against all odds .

The truth must be told ,Etche stakeholders had in various instances ,resolved to take the first slot for senate position .

How ever ,chief EPHRIAM NWUZI who has the right of refusal and as the highest ranking APC member in ETCHE decided that he will continue with the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES position and making it possible for omuma people to be at the advantage .

moreso ,Etche APC leadership in their quest to get the slot , protested to the leader of the party,RT HON ROTIMI AMAECHI who in response to the protest and agitations , constituted two committees to look in to the position of ETCHE people and that of OMUMA .

OMUMA people for the record, also argued that the two National elective positions can not be domicile at ETCHE ,whereas ,both omuma and Etche formed the ETCHE ETHIC NATIONALITY ..

with this ,omuma position and argument became more visible in line with natural justice ,equity and fairness.Honestly ,the two position can’t be taken by ETCHE .One must go to etche ,and one to omuma ,their younger brother .

It is on this premesis that the EMEKA BEKE led committee comprising all the leaders of the eight local government areas in the senatoria district, dwell to take the final decision and okayed that since etche has taken the house of representatives slot ,omuma people should take the senate slot .

we should be happy to say that the senate position has been given to etche nation against all odds ,we are one ,weather omuma or Etche .let our slogan at this time be raised higher .CHETA ALA ETCHE ,MEYA NMA,

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Our leaders need to be commended for their strong zeal , agitation and resolutions taken during the period of the struggle .most especially ,commendation must be given to the apc caucus leader in etche ,DR REGINALD I.UKWUOMA for leading the party to a greater height .
This is not time for name calling ,but a time to move forward .party is supreme ..

ELD /COM ..AMADI AKUJOBI SAMUEL ..national president ,etche ethnic practising journalists

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