When Hon. Dr. Dawari George becomes our Governor, he would devote the required time and energy to the role and ambitious to achieve best possible outcomes for Rivers people. He would also be prepared to give time, skills and knowledge to develope himself, his Aides and others in order to create highly effective representation in the State.

Of an independent mind, he would be able to lead and contribute to courageous conversations, to express his opinion and to play an active role in the State. He would possess an enquiring mind and an analytical approach and understanding the value of meaningful questioning. He would provide appropriate challenge to the status quo, not taking information or data at face value and always driving for improvement. He would be prepared to listen to and work in partnership with others and understanding the importance of building strong working relationships within the executive, judiciary and with legislative organ, staff, carers, the local communities and employers of labor.

Dawari would listen carefully to others with a desire to understand concerns, ideas, and perspectives. He would be accessible to the public through meetings and events, and by phone and email. He would be committed to clear, diverse, and regular communication with the people. He would consider how to best limit shifting problems into the future by maintaining a long-term perspective and considering the potential impact of decisions.

He would understand the value of critical friendship which enables both challenge and support, and self-reflective, pursing learning and development opportunities to improve both his and whole executive effectiveness. He would be able to challenge conventional wisdom and be open-minded about new approaches to problem-solving; recognising the value of innovation and creative thinking to governmental development and success. He would have a good knowledge and understanding of national, state and provincial legislation and policies that govern the operation of the State.

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